We’re all living in America, and it is not wunderbar

Disinformation often mirrors the news stream. Therefore, it might not be surprising this week’s disinformation heavily features events in the United States. Among the frequent targets: Joe Biden’s policy towards Russia, Covid-19 and alleged plans of the US establishment to abuse the pandemic and rig the US presidential elections.

Please, fasten your seatbelts.

One narrative claims Joe Biden, when inaugurated, will continue the demonisation(opens in a new tab) of Russia. He even swore(opens in a new tab) to work actively against Russia. Moreover, the president-elect wants to create a sanitaire cordon(opens in a new tab) around Russia, in cooperation with his new colleague and Moldova’s president-elect, Maia Sandu. These narratives fit claims of last weeks, casting accusations that Biden will use Poland for the destabilisation of the post-Soviet countries(opens in a new tab), that the NATO Secretary-General encourages Joe Biden to clash with Russia(opens in a new tab) and the US seeks to destabilise Russia and China and to provoke a Sino-Russian war(opens in a new tab). Different narratives, but one psychological idea: Russia as victim of America’s aggression.

Another way of falsely connecting US elections and Russia, is to compare Trump’s supporters, allegedly humiliated and denigrated(opens in a new tab), with Russian minorities in the post-Soviet countries! But why not, if this is consistent with pro-Kremlin narrative about rigged US elections(opens in a new tab), West-driven colour revolutions(opens in a new tab), Russophobia (opens in a new tab) and elite-subordinated US mainstream media? (opens in a new tab)

In an even more spectacular vein, according to pro-Kremlin disinformation, the US is on the verge of dictatorship. We are served several ‘convincing’ examples right away:

the US military ran a parallel campaign(opens in a new tab) to bring about a change of power; social media companies are controlled by the US government or by the US “deep state”, (opens in a new tab) which uses these social media to organise colour revolutions(opens in a new tab) and protests around the world, including in the US.

Other cases combine efforts to delegitimise the 2020 US elections(opens in a new tab) with the narrative on Covid-19 as a false pandemic, used by elites to pursue secret goals(opens in a new tab). For example, if the Democrats succeed in stealing the US presidential elections, they will use Covid-19 to establish a totalitarian dictatorship(opens in a new tab). Similar is a claim(opens in a new tab) that the Democrats used Covid-19 to manipulate the voting process.

In the poem The Dream(opens in a new tab) (1962), written by Sergei Mikhalkov (author of the text to the National Hymn of the USSR and Russia), a small boy dreams he suddenly appeared on a ship bound for the United States. Finally, he wakes up, literally saved by the bell, he sighs with relief: “It’s good that in reality I don’t live in America!” Aren’t these new narratives a continuation of good old Soviet tradition of anti-Americanism?

Miscellaneous repetition

This week brought back some well-known disinformation narratives.

Again, we saw disinformation on MH17. We saw a narrative claiming that MI6 prepared(opens in a new tab) the crash. Also, the Buk missile that shot down MH17 was Ukrainian(opens in a new tab) and shot from Ukraine controlled territory. Both are part of recurring disinformation narratives(opens in a new tab) on the downing of the MH17 denying Russia’s responsibility. The Dutch-led criminal investigation by the Joint Investigation Team(opens in a new tab) (JIT) has been ongoing since 2014.

Also repetitive, we read how Navalny could have been poisoned(opens in a new tab) in Germany. This claim is not backed by any evidence, whilst in reality the fact of his poisoning has been independently corroborated by labs in France and Sweden (opens in a new tab) and the OPCW.(opens in a new tab)

In a more creative fashion however, a new narrative(opens in a new tab) connects Columbia University and Navalny’s movement, with a programme of colour revolutions in Eastern Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union. Who is behind this programme? Surprise, surprise: the US intelligence services.

In the end, everything is connected: we are all living in America. And America is not so wunderbar.


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