Marine border guards base in Mariupol is being modernized with the support of the Americans

In Mariupol, the maritime border security base is being modernized, which will help to strengthen the protection of Ukraine’s borders on the Sea of ​​Azov. This was reported on the website of the city ​​council.

The project is supported by the US government. Its goal is to strengthen the security of Mariupol.

“This is an important step in strengthening the maritime security not only of Mariupol, but of the whole world. It will significantly improve the logistics capabilities of the Maritime Guard and help Ukraine defend its rights on its territory. It will also provide an opportunity to provide maritime activities and support the country’s economy, ”said Kevin Keller, Advisor on Maritime Issues of the EXBS Export Control and Border Security Program of the US Embassy in Ukraine.

Earlier, a plan was developed for the construction and arrangement of the locations and service of the special units of the Marine Guard.

“The 23rd Mariupol Marine Guard Detachment protects the safety of our city. Comfortable conditions must be created for effective service. In this direction, we have a reliable partnership with the US Government, ”said Deputy Mayor Arkady Meshkov.

In recent years, active construction or restoration of various locations of the Marine Guard base in Mariupol, Berdyansk and Odessa has been underway.

“Today the next stage of the international technical assistance project is being implemented in Mariupol. The base point for the ship-and-boat structure and the location of the rapid reaction units will be equipped. This will significantly increase the operational capacity of the Maritime Guard, its mobility and efficiency, ”added Oleg Kostur, Head of the Regional Department of the Maritime Guard of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

In addition, training for personnel on law enforcement at sea is planned.

We will remind, earlier President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that in Ukraine the Naval Forces will be equipped with new weapons, including missiles .

(c)MRPL.CITY 2020


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