Putin congratulates Maia Sandu on winning Moldovan presidential election

Sandu won the election with 57.7% of the voteMaia Sandu AP Photo/Roveliu BugaMaia Sandu© AP Photo/Roveliu Buga

MOSCOW, November 16./TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated Maia Sandu on winning the presidential election in Moldova, the Kremlin press service reports.

“President of the Russian Federation Putin sent a telegram of congratulations to Sandu over her victory in the presidential election in the Republic of Moldova,” the press service said.READ ALSOSandu wins Moldovan presidential election

“I expect that your activity as the head of state will contribute to the constructive development of relations between our countries. This would undoubtedly meet the fundamental interests of the people of Russia and Moldova,” the press service quoted the telegram as saying. The president wished Maia Sandu success, good health and wellbeing.

Moldova held the second round of its presidential election on November 15. The run-off pit leader of the pro-EU Party of Action and Solidarity Maia Sandu against incumbent President Igor Dodon. According to the country’s Central Election Commission, Sandu won the election with 57.7% of the vote and Dodon gained 42.2%. Over 200,000 Moldovan migrants voting in western countries had their role in ensuring her success.

Under the law, the results of the presidential election must be approved by the Central Election Commission and the Constitutional Court. After that, the ceremony to inaugurate the new president must take place within 45 days after the day of the election, but no earlier than the term of office of the incumbent president expires. In Dodon’s case, it expires on December 23.

(c)TASS 2020


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