Ukraine is going FULL ISLAMIZATION, does anybody care???


Ukraine’s corrupt junta is trying to destroy the country’s Christian roots and traditions.

Ukraine, as of today, is not only invaded by RuSSia but also being sold out to the islamic imperialists.

Ukraine would be wise to focus on the civilized West and stay away from the pedophile retards from the Middle East, in particular Turkey.

Islam is a disease, and reconquest will be the cure! Slava Ukraini!

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  • I hope that you are wrong, Mike. The Ukrainians are basically Christians with a deeper faith than in Western Europe and would not tolerate getting Islamized.
    However, I do agree that the country is catering too much to Muslim filth. Turkey is a big case. As a small example, I even know of a young woman in Kyiv who married one. She had to stop drinking alcohol, listen to certain music, dance and has zero contact with us (her friends in Kyiv). I expressed my opinion that anyone marrying a Muslim has an IQ that is less than the person’s shoe-size, in particular if the person is a woman.
    The basis of Islam is to suppress the woman, to further the harsh laws of the Sharia and to conquer or to take over.
    To highlight my rumination, Lebanon used to be a Christian country. Lebanon was the jewel of the Middle East a few decades ago. Now, the Muslims have control (through their rodent-like reproduction rate). No real need to say that Lebanon is today a shit hole. Europe is committing the grave mistake of allowing hordes of Muslims into the continent. There are countless no-go zones and a myriad of other problems that the brainwashed Europeans must deal with.
    I could go on and on and on about the continent’s illness (Islamization) and the negative impact it brings with it, but I sincerely hope that Ukraine will be spared the Muslim ordeal!

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    • Ukraine is lost. I will no longer come to this site until the entire ukrainian government was removed from power. 🇺🇦

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      • What is that going to solve? This site has no say in the islamization of Ukraine, or who remains in power. I agree with you on the need to shuck the idiots that are in power now as they are simply aiding and abetting the corruption of Ukraine, but this site will have little to say on the matter.

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      • Of course Mike.
        Tommorow you will be back.

        I don’t think Ukraine is interested in Islam at all.
        Only in Crimea there are Muslims, but these aren’t so radical, and in fact the best organised pro-Ukrainian group in Crimea.

        Ukraine needs Turkey because they have some military hardware the Russians have no answer to, which are drones and EW.
        Once they have enough Bayraktar drones (which they will soon produce themselves), Ukraine can destroy the Russian military in Donbas from a comfy seat and some popcorn, like the Azerbijani did with the Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh.

        Of course Erdogan is a goat f*er, but they can be the key to build an army the Russians cannot defeat.

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      • Mike, let’s not go overboard. Of course, you are right concerning your feelings about Ukraine’s current government. But, we are engaged in a struggle here to help Ukraine, or? Since a television clown was elected president of Ukraine, it has become clear to everyone that the enemy of Ukraine is not only mafia land. There is a new one and it is called Volodymyr Zelensky. This enemy of Ukraine must also be resisted. It is at least as imperative to do so as is the fight against mafia land, maybe even more so.
        We need every fighter that we can muster, Mike. Every comment helps, every fact presented to the public helps, every sliver of guidance we can offer helps. Stay on, Mike, and help carry the torch. It is bad enough that scradge has gone away. You are a valuable asset!

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        • You know i will never leave. But i am really pissed off like never before. Ukraine now has two enemies, the RuSSia and its own government! 😡

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          • I’m glad to hear that!
            I am also very upset that Ukraine has such a total loser as president. I thought that such rats would be history after the country cleansed itself of the filthy Yanukobitch and his gang.

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