Volga Dnepr Antonov An-124 has careened off a runway in Novosibirsk, Russia, following a simultaneous uncontained engine failure and comms failure.

The aircraft, registered RA-82042, was performing positioning flight VI-4066 to Vienna. At 12:08 local time, the Antonov took-off from Novosibirsk’s Runway 25; subsequently losing radio and transponder communication at around 1800 feet.

Antonov 124 Volga Dnepr
Antonov 124 Volga Dnepr Severe damage to the left wing, as well as Engine No. 2

Following standard procedure, AvHerald reports that the crew returned in the circuit for an emergency landing on Runway 25. At some point shortly after take-off, engine 2 suffered an uncontained failure. Witnesses on the ground also reported smoke trailing from engines 3 and 4, around the time when communications were lost.

Antonov 124 Crash
Severe damage to the left wing, as well as Engine No. 2. Picture: JACDEC

Upon touchdown the An-124 overran the runway by 200 meters (650 feet), during which time the front landing gear collapsed. Photos from the ground also show severe damage to the left wing. No injuries were sustained by the 14 passengers onboard.

An investigation has been launched by the West Siberia Transportation Prosecution Office. At this stage, the department says that officials are “currently inspecting the scene”.


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