In Kamchatka, they shot a bear with a bear cub who climbed onto a submarine

In the village of Rybachy in Kamchatka, where the submarines of the Russian Pacific Fleet are based, the military shot a bear with a bear cub who climbed onto one of the ships. This was reported by Kamchatka-Inform.

The publication published a video from subscribers, which shows how the animals first swim up to one of the submarines and climb onto it. It is noted that it was probably the K-44 Ryazan nuclear-powered missile submarine of Project 667 of the Kalmar BDR.

Then another eyewitness, filming from afar, says: “Now this bear will be flooded with the bear cub. I came up with Saiga. ” At this moment, the sound of a shot is heard and one can see how the body of one of the animals falls into the water. “No, I didn’t bang from the first shot. The bear cub is dead, she is still alive. You shoot badly, ”the author of the video notes. The voiceover concludes that there is no other way to fight predators here, and if the bears are driven away, they will come to nearby villages.

Baza claims that the bear and the bear cub have been wandering around the village for several days and climbed onto a submarine in search of food. The killing of animals was taken over by a local game manager. According to him, the bear “was shot because she was very thin and wounded, and the bear cub, because allegedly without his mother he would have become very aggressive,” the newspaper writes.

(c)MEDUZA 2020

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