Is everybody gone? Come on Ukraine Today!



  • англійський масон

    Still here Mike, just too busy to view and comment much at the moment!

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  • Happy days are here again, your next President will be Joe Biden! 😉

    Remember a few weeks ago when trump said if he lost to Joe Biden, he might just leave the country? Or end up in the Big House 🙂

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    • There might still be some recounts pending in Philly. 😂
      In case Biden will win this legally and the electoral commission, not tv stations, announce the final results i will congratulate the alzheimer mummie. 😇

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    • Correction: This is a website for Ukraine so Biden will not be president of Ukraine. Knut has TDS so we have to tolerate his mental deficiency. The media won this election. They covered for Biden and hid all the bad things he’s done like get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired that was investigating his son that was stealing from Ukraine while his father was Vice President. Corrupt Biden might be president but the media in the US is now so partisan that it’s dead. Facebook and Twitter too. Any fair-minded person would realize the coverage was not fair at all. That’s not fair to the American people. I’m sure you are celebrating Knute, right along with Putin and XI…..

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    • I worked the most for the Clinton administration, they (and Wal*Mart) kinda made me. So no elephant tears from me! I was BTW a Cruz supporter, a serious candidate for 2024. 😎

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      • It will be Harris in 2024 and for the next 8 years 😉 I’m afraid I’m dead at the end of her presidency, 71 + 12 = 83 🙂

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        • You stay alive to see me as Danish Prime Minister! 😂

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        • Yes, Biden would be 78 on taking office in January. The job is taxing, and he is declining. It suggests that he will be the first president since the embattled Lyndon Johnson in 1968 not to seek re-election.
          However if the Democratic party is planning to install Harris as the first woman president of the United States they may be mistaken. If you doubt Nikki Haley has presidential ambitions, note how carefully she has navigated the Trump era.

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  • Володимир Зеленський

    Congratulations to

    ! #Ukraine is optimistic about the future of the strategic partnership with the #UnitedStates. 🇺🇦 and 🇺🇸 have always collaborated on security, trade, investment, democracy, fight against corruption. Our friendship becomes only stronger!


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  • The counts are still ongoing and Biden has not won yet, if he ever does. The fraud in the election is massive and in your face. The Dems didn’t even try to hide it. The Supreme Court had has to order the ballots received after 8Pm November 3rd segregated as an early court order was not being obeyed. If the illegal votes have been mingled with the rest, PA has a real problem as the vote will be invalidated. The PA Supreme Court tried to re-write the rules of the election while votes were being cast,and SCOTUS is not amused. There are problems with lower courts on the federal level and this will end up in before the Supreme Court before it’s over.

    The serious, in your face fraud, will have to be dealt with. There has been more than enough in Michigan and Wisconsin to place the election in Trump’s camp. Nevada also has serious problems and over 3,000 questionable votes have already been identified. 135,000 possible illegal votes were identified in Atlanta over the last day and they are having “problems” reporting vote totals. Dominion’s software appears to be altering vote totals in favor of Biden as well. Dominion is a Soros entity and he spent in excess of 70 million to unseat Trump. The left is desperate to get Trump out, and I don’t think it’s going to work.

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