Putin submitted a bill to the State Duma allowing him to become a senator for life after leaving the presidency

Russian President Vladimir Putin has submitted to the State Duma a bill on the procedure for forming the Federation Council of the Russian Federation. The document is aimed at developing amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

The bill proposes to allow the former presidents of Russia, who left this post early or due to the expiration of their term of office, to hold the post of senator for life (this is spelled out in the updated Constitution).

A president who has terminated in office will be able to apply once to become a senator, within three months after leaving the post of head of state. A former president, whose term expired before the adoption of this law, can apply within three months from the date the law enters into force.

At the same time, another presidential bill on the status of a senator and deputy of the State Duma was submitted to the State Duma. The document says, among other things, that the president, who has become a senator for life, retains social and other guarantees established by law, for example , the right to immunity and monthly life-long pay.

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  1. As usual, this measure is only a circus show for those dumb enough not to realize that this measure is needless. The dwarf pedophile is whatever he wants to be in the sandbox that is the Russia.

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