Russian Defense Minister: our priority is to ensure security of Belarus

The Russian Defense Ministry considers the security of the Federal State of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus its priority, stated the Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu, Interfax reports.

Speaking at the joint military panel of Russia and Belarus, the Russian Defense Minister noted that recently the U.S. tried to change the power in the Republic of Belarus. According to Shoygu, American satellites and color revolution technologies were used. One of the goals of such actions, Shoygu believes, is the disruption of Russian-Belarusian integration within the Union State and the severance of relations between these two allies. The West allegedly “undermines the foundations of international law and ignores the interests of sovereign states.”

“In the current military and political situation in the region, in face of new challenges and threats, especially from international terrorism, the Russian Defense Ministry considers ensuring the military security of the Union State among its priorities,” Shoygu said.

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  1. Russia never meddles in neighboring countries. So, 80% of Belarusians voted for Svetlana because America told them to do so?

  2. Russia will be very secure if the vermin fuck off back to Muscovy, and take the fake president with them.

    • Yeah, I was going to say, the only security problem is the Moskali beating and kidnapping people with signs, flags and flowers. But then again, fascists have always been afraid of such things.

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