Kremlin: Russian healthcare system more stable than in many other advanced countries

The Kremlin spokesman admitted that there are certain problems in the healthcare system© Alexander Ryumin/TASS

MOSCOW, October 27. /TASS/. The situation with healthcare in Russia is much more stable than in many other advanced countries, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov asserted.

Responding to questions of journalists on Tuesday, the Kremlin representative noted that “many generations already haven’t encountered” epidemics, moreover, a pandemic. “Naturally, every country reacts to the best of its ability, we have sufficient capabilities in this respect, and our situation is much more stable regarding medical care than in many world countries,” he stressed. The spokesman specified that he meant “advanced countries.” “This is a definite fact,” he pointed out.

The Kremlin representative admitted that there are certain problems in the healthcare system. “The fact is that there are problems, they are, unfortunately, inevitable, and the essence of work is in not turning them into systemic problems,” he said. The spokesman stated that the “work on it is underway.”

In response to a question on the necessity of changes in the healthcare system, the spokesman stated that the Kremlin shouldn’t be involved in this matter. “If journalists or the Kremlin staff will get involved in the healthcare reform, nothing good will come out of it, this should be the concern of specialists which we have enough of,” the spokesman explained.

“There isn’t a single country in the world where the medical sphere is sufficiently financed,” the Kremlin representative noted. He drew attention to the fact that in the countries with healthcare financing surpassing Russia “it is thought that it is not funded enough.” In his opinion the pandemic “became a reason for everyone to think about a conceptual development” of healthcare. Talking about a possibility of increased spending on healthcare in Russia, the spokesman noted that “this is subject to analysis, budgetary work.” “Budgetary work is rhythmic and, of course, every time it becomes an issue to discuss,” he reiterated.

Disclaimer: This is fake news.

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    And, that’s why mafia land is in 63rd place in the Health Care Index.

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