“Zelensky’s poll” is the biggest election fraud in the history of Ukraine – Poroshenko at the polling station


The so-called “Zelensky poll” is the biggest falsification of the election process in the history of independent Ukraine. The fifth President of Ukraine, the leader of the “European Solidarity” party Petro Poroshenko said after voting in the local elections, the EU press service writes.

In a comment to journalists, Maryna Poroshenko also told journalists about the priorities for the new Kyiv City Council. “Today we came to fulfill our civic duty and voted for a political party that we believe can quickly and effectively resolve all problematic issues in the new Kyiv City Council. In recent months, we have not only paid attention to problematic issues, but also helped the people of Kyiv to withstand the difficult fight against the disease. Because we saw the inability of both the central and city authorities to resolve such issues, “said Maryna Poroshenko.

She stressed that the new Kyiv City Council should immediately review the capital’s budget to allocate additional funds to fight the coronavirus, equip new beds and attract additional medical staff.

“Also, our team will demand a review and audit of the previous budget of Kyiv in order to identify problem areas and bring to justice for the inaction of the perpetrators,” – said Maryna Poroshenko.

According to her, the last six months have brought Ukraine not only an epidemic of coronavirus, but also an economic crisis. “We have a program to save jobs, support small and medium-sized businesses. I am sure that today is a day of testing for the government. And soon we will see the assessment that Ukrainian society will give to the government,” said Maryna Poroshenko. “We are very firm and we do not change our views. And just as we voted in the last and last elections, we are voting this time as well,” Petro Poroshenko said.

“Now we need to vote and support the political force that implements Ukraine’s movement to the European Union and will not allow anyone to deviate from this path, provides decentralization reform initiated by me and implemented by our team. And prevents the new government from getting into the pockets of communities,” he said. the President.

Poroshenko also reminded that during his presidential term, three election campaigns were conducted flawlessly in accordance with international standards. He stressed that the so-called “Zelensky poll” is a large-scale falsification that can only be compared to the “election” of Yanukovych’s time. I hoped that Zelensky would come to his senses and cancel this election campaign, which rejects us from Europe. At first it was called a “referendum”, then a “poll”, then a “sociology”. “by agitating Zelensky and his” servants. “This is the biggest falsification in the history of Ukraine,” Petro Poroshenko emphasizes.

“This can only be compared to the falsification of Yanukovych’s time in 2004. I really hoped that Yanukovych’s election campaign, called ‘Count’, would be gone forever,” Poroshenko said.

Poroshenko thanked those voters who ignore the illegal poll. “It will bring nothing but harm to Ukraine,” Petro Poroshenko stressed. “I am firmly convinced that the first and very important step is being taken today to return Ukraine to the European rails. I want to emphasize once again that today it is not only and not so much voting for sewerage, elevators, lighting or paving on the roads. I ask everyone to remember that today is a vote for Ukraine, “the fifth President stressed.

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