LUKASHENKO pullS law enforcement officers and special equipment to the center of Minsk. Mobile internet is intermittent

On the morning of October 25, law enforcement officers and special equipment began to be pulled into the center of Minsk, where the next mass protest rally is to take place.

Mobile Internet in the capital of Belarus works intermittently. In particular, Belsat informs that operator A1 has notified its customers that the bandwidth of the mobile Internet has been reduced “in accordance with the order of the authorized state bodies.”

TUT.BY новости0:53Большую колонну спецтехники заметили на проспекте Жукова в Минске

From 12:30 local time, 12 stations of the Minsk metro, located along the route of the protest, are also closed at the entrance and exit .

Large-scale demonstrations are expected in Minsk and other cities of Belarus on October 25. On this day, the term of the “people’s ultimatum” announced by Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the main rival of Alexander Lukashenko in the presidential elections , expires .

Tikhanovskaya demanded that Lukashenka announce his resignation, the violence against peaceful protesters in Belarus stopped, and political prisoners were released. Otherwise, she said, protests would intensify. The demands of the “people’s ultimatum” were not met.

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