In Novokuznetsk, the morgue was overflowing with the bodies of the dead with COVID-19. The Ministry of Health of Kuzbass explained that they are not taken by their relatives

The morgue of the Novokuznetsk branch of the Pathological Bureau of the Kemerovo Region, where the dead with COVID-19 are taken, turned out to be overcrowded. The video filmed in the morgue was published on October 25, 2020 in one of the publics on VKontakte, and then appeared on other platforms.Attention! These shots can be shocking. The video shows bags with bodies of dead people. If this is unacceptable to you, do not watch this video.

The Ministry of Health of the Kemerovo Region actually confirmed the authenticity of the video, but emphasized that not only the dead with coronavirus are being brought to the morgue, but “almost all deaths from the southern agglomeration of the region,” TASS reports .

“The main reason for the accumulation of bodies of the deceased was that the relatives of the deceased who are on isolation or who are sick are not able to pick up the bodies before the quarantine period expires or until they recover,” the agency quotes the statement of the regional Ministry of Health.

In addition, representatives of the ministry said, “the shortage of cadres of pathologists also has an impact.”

In the morgue in Novokuznetsk, according to the Ministry of Health of Kuzbass, “additional surfaces are being mounted for storing bodies.” Now, judging by the video, black bags with the dead are lying on the floor in all the rooms of the morgue that are in the frame.

“The regional government and the heads of municipalities conduct individual work with the relatives of the deceased and provide support in organizing the funeral,” the regional health ministry said.

A few hours after the video from the morgue received a wide response, and the Kuzbass authorities were forced to comment on it, the head of the territorial department of the Novokuznetsk Ministry of Health, Oleg Yevs, was removed from office “for mistakes in organizing medical care to the population.” This decision was made by the Governor Sergei Tsivilev, announced by the regional Ministry of Health, without specifying whether the resignation is related to the situation in the morgue.

According to the regional operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus, 197 people have died in the Kemerovo region since the beginning of the spread of COVID-19, in whom coronavirus infection was confirmed. Judging by the statistics published on the website of the headquarters, 94 people died in the period from October 1 to 25.

Since October 26, security measures have been tightened in the Kemerovo Region – schoolchildren and college students are transferred to distance learning, employers must send 30% of employees to work remotely.

Earlier in October 2020, a video of an overcrowded morgue in one of the hospitals in Barnaul was already published on social networks. The Ministry of Health of the Altai Territory then said that pathologists are required to perform an autopsy on every deceased with COVID-19, and due to the significant increase in the number of deaths, they do not have time to do this.

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