Back in July, the USA disposed of ventilators that Russia sent as “humanitarian aid” BuzzFeed journalist Chris Miller – about why the equipment was never used

The United States has disposed of dozens of ventilators that Russia has sent as “humanitarian aid” to fight the coronavirus, a spokesman for the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) told BuzzFeed. Kevin Rothrock, editor-in-chief of the international version of Meduza, on The Naked Pravda podcast contacted the author of the article , BuzzFeed journalist Chris Miller, and learned that the ventilators had been disposed of back in July this year.All episodesSubscribe

From Russia With Junk: Why the US Trashed the Ventilators Shipped From Moscow00:0019:33

Russia sent 45 Aventa-M ventilators in April 2020, but they have never been used in American clinics. BuzzFeed named two main reasons why the US refused to use Russian technology. Firstly, in the spring in hospitals in Moscow and St. Petersburg, there were two fires, which were associated with short circuits in the Aventa-M devices. Secondly, the equipment could not be used due to a different calculated voltage level: the devices needed adapters that were not available in American clinics. The Aventa-M devices are manufactured by the Radioelectronic Technologies concern, which is under US sanctions.

Kevin Rothrock asks BuzzFeed correspondent Chris Miller for the details of the story.

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  1. The reason Muscovy sent their Lada ventilators in the first place, was just a propaganda stunt. As is their bat virus vaccine, and super duper weapons. In fact everything concerning Muscovy is covered in a deep layer of shit.

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