In the Leningrad region, they shot the deputy Alexander Petrov, who was called “the owner of Vyborg”. His son is the first Russian Formula 1 driver

In the village of Velikoye, Vyborgsky District, Leningrad Region, on the evening of October 24, a businessman, municipal deputy Alexander Petrov was killed. This is reported by the local edition 47news, as well as sources of TASS and  Interfax , there is no official confirmation of the information yet.

According to 47news, an unknown person shot at Petrov at about six in the evening. He died of his wounds in his cottage. While there are no details of what happened, a group headed by the head of the Investigative Committee of the Leningrad Region Sergei Sazin and two of his deputies, as well as the head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Oleg Kolesnikov and several other high-ranking police officers left for the crime scene from St. Petersburg . 

Alexander Petrov was a well-known businessman in the Leningrad region. After serving in the army, he worked as an electrician in a hotel in Vyborg, then went into business. 47news indicates that his activities in the 1990s may have been associated with crime – but this has not been officially proven.

Petrov was a co-owner of Vyborg Shipyard OJSC, Vyborg Fuel Company CJSC and other large regional enterprises. 47 news emphasizes that Petrov’s business structures were engaged in “practically all areas of Vyborg’s life” – from housing and communal services to large factories. Petrov was also a municipal deputy and head of one of the city’s sports clubs.

Local media have repeatedly called him the unofficial owner of the city. Petrov himself demanded not to call himself that. After that, the media began to call him #non-owner.

Alexander Petrov is the father of Vitaly Petrov, the first Russian driver in Formula 1 history, who raced in this series from 2010 to 2013. Alexander Petrov partially paid for his son’s performance in Formula 1 from his own funds; also for some time the sponsor of Vitaly Petrov was the Vyborg shipyard. 

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