Putin warns of China’s, Germany’s strive for superpower status

According to the Russian leader, such a change in the political arena is caused by the USA’s diminishing influence

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin stated that China and Germany were heading for superpower status, Reuters reports.

The president suggested that the role of the United States had faded, along with other countries such as Britain and France. Beijing and Berlin, in turn, were striving for superpower status.

Putin also claimed Russia’s willingness to discuss global problems with other nations in case Washington refuses to do so.

As we reported earlier, the Russian Federation expects to resolve all the issues with the United States on extending the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START).

The New START, signed back in 2010, limits the numbers of strategic nuclear warheads, missiles, and bombers that both countries can deploy.

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, the work on extending the treaty, which expires next February, is continuing at the level of experts.

We hope that all differences about the issue will be overcome through dialogue,” the statement said.

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  1. “The president suggested that the role of the United States had faded, along with other countries such as Britain and France. Beijing and Berlin, in turn, were striving for superpower status.”

    In your dreams Putin. The US are fading are they, and Germany on the rise? Is this the same US that forced Nord Stream to a halt, and left Germany whining just like their Russian buddies, helpless to do anything about it?

    • This bloviation by the little turd is just more campaigning for Biden. Then again, Trump has gotten 3 nominations for the Nobel Peace prize, LMAO! I wonder if Putin thought the US was fading when US Marines roasted 300 Wagners? Killed his ISIS buddies? Backed them off the oil fields in Syria? Stopped their illegal oil trade in Venezuela? Left the ABM treaty? Exported LNG to Europe? Started the Space Force? Sent 3 B-52s to patrol over Ukraine?

  2. Germany is a local power, just like China. The United States is still number one. BTW, RuSSia is also a local power desperately trying to be on par with the US, but the crashing planes, sinking ships and failing vaccines make them more a laughing stock than a global power.

  3. Germany is a setting star. It will never gain superpower status, especially with the current trashy, incompetent and unintelligent politicians it has and this across the board. Look at what happened to the Bundeswehr. This should suffice.
    China is another matter. The West (us too) were stupid enough to hand all sorts of hi-tech knowhow to the chinks and not to mention production facilities and business opportunities.

  4. Germany is economically very important but they lack the national or political will to be any ore than that.
    China is very economically important and are striving to translate their economic power into political and military power. Thy are the net challenge to US supremacy. but they have aways to go and have MANY vulnerabilities. Chiefly that they are dependant on exports to the US to keep their growth going. It’s hard to get in to a war with you major trading partner, just look at Russia.

    Russia is a has been power punching WAY above their weight class.

  5. The ruble is down 25% against the U.S. dollar since the start of the year and has lost more than 31% against the euro. Lower oil prices as a result of the pandemic combined with geopolitical risks have weighed on the currency this year, resulting in spells of sharp volatility.

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