Putin claims he personally allowed to transport Navalny to Germany

Speaking at the Valdai forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he personally allowed to transport Alexei Navalny to Germany. In addition, Putin stressed that if the Russian authorities wanted to poison the politician, it is unlikely that such permission would have been given, TASS reports.

“Regarding the man you’re talking about… in any case, if the authorities wanted to poison someone, they would hardly have sent him to Germany for treatment. Isn’t it so? As soon as this person’s wife approached me, I immediately instructed the prosecutor’s office to check the possibility of him going abroad for treatment. They could not have let him out because he had travel restrictions,” the Russian President said.

He also recalled that the German government had not provided any evidence of poisoning Navalny with Novichok nerve agent so that we have official and legal grounds for initiating a criminal case. What is there so special that we asked for?” said Putin.

It is worth noting that earlier presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov stated that Putin was not involved in the decision on Navalny’s transportation to Germany. “No, it is absolutely not the prerogative of the president,” the Kremlin spokesman said in August. At the time, Putin’s spokesman stressed that it was an “absolutely medical decision that was related to the patient’s health.”

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  • He also ordered to kill him.

    “Regarding the man you’re talking about…………why Putler., Peskov, Lavrov and Maria the Hooker, are afraid to use his name, Navalny?

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    • It’s a well-known fact that the little pedophile doesn’t use Navalny’s name. This is a certain confirmation of the shit nugget’s insecurity. He is afraid of what a Navalny could mean to his own power. Navalny is more dangerous to him than the Trumpet and all the eunuchs of Europe put together.


  • Alexei Navalny said that he had no restrictions on leaving Russia, therefore, to send him for treatment to Germany, no personal sanction from Vladimir Putin was needed. Thus, the politician responded to the statement of the President of the Russian Federation that he gave instructions to allow Navalny to travel abroad.

    On Instagram, Navalny reiterated that he believed it was the Russian president who ordered his poisoning .

    It’s ridiculous about “travel restrictions”. 100% false. I have a passport. I won the European Court of Justice on this matter. In the fabricated case of “insulting a veteran,” they tried to take a recognizance not to leave me, but the article does not provide for restrictions on freedom. I refused to give a subscription and, as you know, freely went to Novosibirsk and Tomsk. Nobody limited me.

    The foregoing convinces me once again: it is Putin who ordered this assassination attempt. He forbade me to take out to hide the traces of chemical weapons. From him, and not from doctors, “non-transportability” arose. Two months have passed, and there is still no criminal case – this is also a personal order of Putin. Like any criminal, he simply covers his tracks.

    MEDUZA 202

    Putin lies always! From A TILL Z and backwards!

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  • “Vlad Pew-tin said he personally allowed to transport Alexei Navalny to Germany.”
    In case someone believes that, I have a bridge for sale … really cheap.
    Letting Navalny leave the cesspool, Pew-tin thought that Navalny was a dead man anyhow and at the same time tried to appear “humane”. Both times the crook lost.


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