Film About Gorbachev and Reagan in Pre-Production

From the team that made “The Death of Stalin”

HOLLYWOOD—The historic 1986 Reykjavik summit between Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and U.S. President Ronald Reagan will be the backdrop for a new satirical film.

The working title of the movie is “Tear Down This Wall,” Reagan’s famous entreaty to Gorbachev.

Based on the book “An Impossible Dream: Reagan, Gorbachev and a World Without the Bomb” by Guillaume Serina, the screenwriter Ian Martin has been hired by independent Circle Pictures to develop the script, described as “a dark comedy-drama.”

Martin was responsible for another dark comedy, “The Death of Stalin,” a 2017 film about Stalin’s cronies involved in a power struggle to replace the deceased Soviet leader.

“Tear Down This Wall” will chronicle the historic events before and after the famous Reykjavik summit, which historians credit with starting the end of the cold war.

Martin said that the story line will be a satire about two men pretending to be in control of world while being led by clever women.

“It will humanize the leaders brought together by fate, unable ever to be friends but understanding one another completely,” said Martin, who is also responsible for hit television political satire “Veep.”

Aimed at international audiences, the film will be shot in Russia, United States and the U.K., the producers told the Hollywood Reporter paper.

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  1. Putin will ban this film before it’s even released. He couldn’t bear to let the sheep see how Reagan fucked Russia.

  2. Reagan was the man! No need to lose many words about the guy who destroyed the evil empire.
    Truthfully, I’ve always respected Gorby for dissolving the SU, although he is not so cool with his viewpoint about the Crimea.

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