a Danish company will build a furniture factory in Ukraine for 11 million euros

This will create 1,000 jobs.

The Danish company will build a furniture factory in Ukraine for 11 million eurosLaursen Steen LevringPhoto: rv.gov.ua

Danish manufacturer Hjort Knudsen will build a factory for the production of designer furniture in the  Rivne region  , in which it plans to invest 11 million euros.

This was discussed at a meeting between the head of the Rivne Regional State Administration Vitaliy Koval and the director of the United Fashion of Ukraine LLC Laursen Steen Levring, the press service of the Rivne Regional State Administration reports  .

It is noted that this will create 1,000 jobs. The production facility will be located on an area of ​​40 thousand square meters.

The plans are to create a closed-loop production with the production of value-added products.

“Our company is a family business founded about 50 years ago. Initially, production was established in Poland. In Ukraine, there are still 4 branches with 1,300 employees. We have decided to expand, we are looking forward to the start of work in Rivne region, ”said Laursen Steen Levring.

It will be recalled that in May, the Swedish furniture company IKEA  launched an online store  in Ukraine. Within a week, the manufacturer decided to temporarily  limit the ability to place new orders  in it due to high demand.

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  • IKEA also got busted for forest theft in Ukraine. So I’m glad there’s competition coming in. Especially when Denmark is becoming more and more necessary to Ukraine via MH17, Nord Stream and the Scythian Gold scandal. I still can’t believe Danish courts haven’t realized that Ukrainian gold from Crimea belongs to Ukraine especially when Crimea is illegally occupied by the Moskali. And an occupation they SAY they don’t recognize. Apparently the courts haven’t heard that news yet.

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