The creation of the Children’s Regional Infection Center will be completed in Mariupol by the end of the year

In Mariupol, work continues on the creation of the Children’s Regional Infectious Disease Center on the basis of the city hospital No. 4. It will be able to serve 100 thousand children in the south of Donetsk region. It was visited by the mayor Vadim Boychenko and the head of the Donetsk regional state administration Pavel Kirilenko.

“Our goal is to protect the health and lives of our children. All conditions for highly professional treatment will be created here. The key is to open a tank laboratory with unique equipment, ”the mayor stressed.  

The overhaul of the second department has now been completed. There are already new European-level wards, equipped with ventilation and air conditioning systems. Such conditions will be created in all departments of the infectious diseases center. The center will have 85 beds. The facility is financed by the city and state budgets, as well as by the Metinvest Group.

According to the first deputy mayor Mikhail Kogut, the work is being carried out ahead of schedule. The entire complex of works is planned to be completed by the end of this year.

In addition, Vadim Boychenko and Pavel Kirilenko visited the emergency department, created in the surgical building of GB No. 4. It was created within the framework of the “Big Construction” program initiated by the President of Ukraine. Funded by the state and city budgets.

They installed new elevators, a CT scanner, set up an express laboratory and opened a communal pharmacy. Average throughput is up to 100 people per day. There is also a receiving box for two pass-through ambulances.

Vadym Boychenko thanked the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy for the opportunity to create a branch thanks to the Big Construction program. Pavel Kirilenko noted that Mariupol is a leader in the development of medicine in the region. According to him, this is the result of effective cooperation between the municipality and the city’s hospitals.

“The creation of an emergency department is important for building modern medicine. It’s nice that doctors have all the necessary skills to work with modern equipment, ”said the governor.  


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