Patients of the boarding house in Yekaterinburg complained about forced sterilization. The regional government started checking

The Ministry of Social Policy of the Sverdlovsk Region announced the beginning of an inspection of the Uktussky boarding house in Yekaterinburg for the elderly and people with disabilities due to reports of “violation of the rights of women living in it.”

On October 17, the Baza Telegram channel published a video in which one of the patients spoke about the forced sterilization of some of the guests of the boarding house. According to the telegram channel, the administration of the institution forced women with disabilities from orphanages to undergo this procedure, “because it was impossible to keep children in the boarding house.” More than ten women suffered in this way, one of them later died, Baza claims.

According to the patient in the video, those who refused to undergo the operation were threatened by doctors with being sent to a neuropsychiatric boarding school (PNI). The video also shows a certificate of the operation performed.

“Until now, there have been no complaints from citizens living in the institution on this fact. Please note that the certificate shown in the video is dated 2008. It may take additional time to establish all the circumstances of what happened during that period, ”the ministry said.

Updated . Former director of the Uktussky boarding house Andrei Popov announced the impossibility of forced sterilization. “It seems to me that this is completely far-fetched, from the realm of fantasy. This is not a joke at all. It’s not so simple: one or two – the boarding house decided, three or four – sterilized. I am 100% sure that the client’s consent is there. There is no way without it, 

 he told the Podyem newspaper.

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