Medvedchuk on testing European vaccine on Ukrainians: Why should our people participate in some experiments?

According to Viktor Medvedchuk, the promotion of the European vaccine by the current authorities is a primitive PR21:59, 16 October 2020

Viktor MedvedchukOpposition Platform – For Life

The Chairman of the Political Council of Opposition Platform – For Life party and MP Viktor Medvedchuk is outraged that Ukrainians are proposed to test the European vaccine against coronavirus. He said this in an interview with four Ukrainian TV channels.

Medvedchuk considers it unacceptable for Ukrainians to take part in testing a European vaccine against coronavirus, even if it is quid pro quo.

“The sarcasm of this situation is that our people are invited to be a test object for this vaccine. Yes, they pay a lot of money, yes, perhaps it can be considered as earning means, as employment for our citizens. But, I think the authorities should prohibit such actions. Because what does it mean to use the vaccine voluntarily, even if a citizen showed such a desire and agreed to it? It is a threat to human life and health. Why should our people participate in some experiments of some strange foreign uncles, if someone has already done this, carried out this work, conducted two phases of tests, confirmed the possibility of using it, and is ready to provide this vaccine,” the MP noted.

According to him, the promotion of the European vaccine by the current authorities is a primitive PR.

“This is the insanity and inexplicability of actions of Mr. Zelensky and his team. These are primitive PR moves that have nothing to do with state administration. It is not state administration and it is not state power, but a primitive mood, which they are trying to create on the occasion or for a particular date. Today, for example, it is for elections – so that Servant of the People party gets the best possible result in local elections. This is why such actions are being undertaken,” he added.

The lawmaker also reminded that Ukraine would not receive the European vaccine before 500 million residents of the European Union.

“We are waiting for the European vaccine. And, by the way, everyone remembers how many citizens live in the EU? The number is over 500 million. And therefore, when the vaccine is produced, I understand well that, Ukraine probably will not be able to get a vaccine for itself in the first turn, while Russia has set a task, and for some reason, I believe that it will fulfill it: in 10-12 months, of which 2 months have already passed, Russia will vaccinate 70% of the country’s population. It is more than 100 million people. Why are we not following this path, where the second vaccine has already been created?” Medvedchuk asks.

The MP notes that in two months, the third vaccine from coronavirus will be registered in the Russian Federation.

“By the way, at the beginning of December or in mid-December the third vaccine will be registered. It is a vaccine of Chumakov Federal Scientific Center for Research. For today the effectiveness of this vaccine – I do not want to list now those international centers which gave a positive assessment, starting with the WHO’s Regional Office for Europe, – many specialized agencies have appraised the effectiveness of this vaccine. In our party’s statement about this unreasonable, primitive and limited move on the part of Mr. Zelensky, we list all those who gave a positive assessment. But the most important thing is not this, but the fact that it has been registered in Russia and mass vaccination has begun in Russia. Do they want to destroy their own people there? I am wondering: do they want people not to be cured? They want these people to die,” Medvedchuk noted.

He also drew a parallel between Ukrainian authorities’ refusal from Russian vaccine and with direct gas supplies, but he stressed that now it is about the life and health of people, so one must not speculate on this topic.

“But it is not the question of whether to buy or not to buy gas. You know, we once agreed with Russia on reduction of the gas price by 25%, and direct gas supplies. Poroshenko … but he was almost blown off the rostrum, when he heard this during the election campaign, back in March 2019. So what, Zelensky came and did it? No, he did not. Let them buy it. Today the price for the population has also risen to 268 dollars, from October 1. Let them buy expensive gas. But it is gas – yes, you can live without gas, you can save money, you don’t have to buy gas or use heating, hot water, but here we are talking about people’s health. About people’s lives! And that’s why such cynicism, and it cannot be called otherwise from the side of the government, it not only outrages, but provokes cosmic indignation. Because, indeed, the government cannot afford to treat the health and life of our citizens so boorishly, so carelessly,” Medvedchuk summed up.

Earlier, Viktor Medvedchuk congratulated Russian scientists on their success in creating the world’s first vaccine against COVID-19 and discussed the possibility of supplying it to Ukraine with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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  • Medvedchuk also advised to the Ukrainian government:

    “Declare that this vaccine needs to go through the registration stage in Ukraine in order to use it. Go down this path. Start negotiations as the President of Russia said: ‘Yes, the official authorities have to apply, and we will start negotiations on the provision.’ But before that, there was a conversation, between the president and government officials, whether supplies to Ukraine are possible. He was told: ‘Yes, supplies of vaccines to Ukraine in order to protect the health of Ukrainian citizens are possible.’ Why are we not doing this? Why are we not choosing this path, but are waiting for some vaccine that might appear? And at this time we hear reports from several American companies that abandoned the vaccine at the trial stage since the result was apparently negative,” he noted.

    “Well, and actually, this is already a well-known fact, I publicly said that my family and I had been vaccinated. And this vaccine gave the result. What is it? I came to Ukraine and passed a blood test, I emphasize, in Ukraine, not in Russia. And I was given a certificate that testifies to the following fact, where it is indicated, that is, the amount, titers of antibodies in my blood, and on the right there is such reference material, in the same document, which is issued by Ukrainian healthcare institutions, about the fact that up to 10 units of antibodies mean that the result is negative, that is, there is no protective reaction to coronavirus in the body and blood, from 10 to 12 – the result is dubious, over 12 – the result is positive, counteraction to the coronavirus. My result is 58.77, this is the evidence of how effective the vaccine is. How effective it is today. And therefore, of course, the statements of Mr. Zelensky and his team do not cause anything apart from indignation, incomprehension, and immense sadness,” Medvedchuk added.

    According to him, “instead of thinking how to save people, how to negotiate on the vaccine, they are saying that it is Russian, they are saying that Russia is an aggressor, I return to our first topic. But at the same time, for Ukraine Russia is second partner in trade and economic relations because China has already taken the first place. This means that you can trade with Russia, you can sell certain types of products, you can buy imported products, but you cannot buy vaccines. Why? Is this a political position? Sorry, but people’s lives, people’s health, mass morbidity are at stake. Bring out the situation when in the last days the number of cases is approaching 6,000 a day when 100 people die a day. Is it not a sign, which requires real actions by the authorities?”

    As we reported earlier, Russian leader Vladimir Putin does not rule out that his country could provide supplies of Sputnik-V vaccine to Ukraine.

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  • Medvedchuk is a full Nazzi and wants every Ukrainian dead! Why nobody arrest him? No cops in Ukraine?

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  • So let’s be clear.
    He objects to testing on Ukrainians by legitimate western medications but has no problem buying Russian medications that even in the best of circumstances are extremely questionable.
    A vaccine that not even putin will take.
    If you google the definition of hypocrite, this puke’s face is the first thing you see.

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