The UPA 2020 March took place in Kyiv


On October 14, Kyiv hosted a traditional UPA March organized by Svoboda, the National Corps, and the Right Sector.


The event was timed to the Day of the Defender and the 78th anniversary of the UPA. The action was co-organized by the National Corps, Svoboda and the Right Sector. A number of veterans and patriotic organizations also joined.


The marchers marched from the monument to Taras On Maidan Nezalezhnosti. On the Maidan participants of march observed a minute of silence in memory of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, soldiers who died in Donbas, and also all Ukrainians who gave lives for Ukraine.


After that the column moved to the Office of the President where they demanded protection of the Ukrainian statehood from collaborationism.

To ensure an effective reaction of the SBU and the National Police to the pro-Russian activities of the Hungarians of Ukraine, who since 2014 have been seen in collaborationism.

Initiate the revocation of the broadcasting license of the Russian channels 112, NewsOne, ZIK, Nash, Inter, Kyiv Live.

Stop restrictions on Ukrainian troops firing in response to shelling by Russian troops and mercenaries in the Donbas.

© 2020

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