Anti-Semitic poster hung by President’s Office – UJCU

The UJCU claims that this incident falls under the definition of ethnic hatred incitement, prosecuted under Article 161 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine

Unidentified persons have hung a poster with anti-Semitic content by the Office of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

That’s according to the Telegram channel run by the United Jewish Community of Ukraine.

The UJCU reports that the poster reads: “Ukrainians! We celebrate the anniversary of the occupation and plunder of Ukraine by the Dnipro Jewish clan of Vova Zelensky.”

The United Jewish Community of Ukraine claims that the incident was an act of anti-Semitism as the perpetrators attributed to Jews responsibility for misconduct – real or alleged – by certain Jewish individuals or groups or actions by non-Jews.

In addition, the UJCU claims that this incident falls under the definition of ethnic hatred incitement, prosecuted under Article 161 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. In this regard, UJCU will report to law enforcement.

It should be recalled that processions are being held in Kyiv today in honor of Defender of Ukraine Day, in which nationalists are taking part.

(C)UNIAN 2020


  • There we got it. They call any criticism anti-semitism. What are Zelensky and Kolomoisky then? Is criticizing the ruSSian mafia ruSSophobia? What a crap! The ruSSkies, turks and zions are looting the country, drive big limousines, collaborate with the invaders and have property in ruSSian mafia hoods. Ordinary ukrainians live in poverty and are forced to watch this, after Maidan. It pisses many off, in particular veterans. So, this impudent accusation can be gladly ignored i think.

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  • This jew is bad for the country, no doubt. But, how many Christians are too? They should leave out the guy’s religion and concentrate on the guy. It only gives the professional crybabies in the West and the sensitive hypocritic girls in mafia land “moral ammunition” against Ukraine.

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    • Jewish mafia exists, like the ruSSian mafia. Neither are all jews mafiosi nor are all ruSSians or italians. So nobody was referring to religion directly, but to an existing branch of the jewish mafia in Ukraine. After Scradje called me an anti-semite i felt like talking to a ruSSian troll, since they claim ukrainians are nazis. I’m definitely not even close to the insane ideology of the filthy nazis, but i call a spade a spade. So did these patriots. But i agree, RT may already have ordered some champagne and hired extra trolls after this one.

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