In Novosibirsk, a policeman was suspected of killing a transgender woman. He pleaded guilty and showed where he hid the body

Police in the Novosibirsk region have detained a 20-year-old patrol officer of the Zheleznodorozhny district of Novosibirsk, suspected of killing a 24-year-old transgender woman, Victoria Basakovskaya.

According to the investigation , on the morning of October 5, the policeman strangled Basakovskaya in his house in the village of Burmistrovo in the Iskitimsky district, after which he hid the body. The body with traces of strangulation was found on the night of October 13, 700 meters from the village. During interrogation, the policeman pleaded guilty to the murder. The UK will ask the court to arrest the suspect.

In the message of the Investigative Committee it is said that a police officer is suspected of killing a “24-year-old resident of the Dzerzhinsky district of Novosibirsk,” whose name has not been disclosed, but, according to “NGS” and  “” , it is about Victoria Basakovskaya. Earlier, the police circulated an orientation about the search for “citizen Basakovsky Nikolai Alexandrovich” who disappeared on the morning of October 5. Victoria Basakovskaya is depicted on a copy of the orientation published in VK. Before the transgender transition, her name was Nikolai.

The telegram channel “112” reported that a man with whom she had a relationship and with whom she decided to part is suspected of murdering Basakovskaya (“NGS” calls the guard as her “ex-boyfriend Denis K.”, the last name is not given). A RIA Novosti source in law enforcement agencies also said that the policeman and Victoria Basakovskaya were in a relationship, at some point there was a conflict between them, which led to the murder. According to “112”, there was a quarrel between them due to jealousy.

Sources “NGS” and “112” reported that after the murder, on October 5, the policeman himself appealed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a statement about the disappearance of Basakovskaya. At the same time , the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that a statement about the missing “citizen” was received on October 12, it was submitted by a resident of the Novosibirsk region, who told about the disappearance of a relative.

The policeman, according to “112”, confessed to the murder under pressure of evidence and showed where he hid the body. An NGS source in law enforcement and a close friend of Viktoria Basakovskaya said that the police officer could have had an accomplice, presumably an Interior Ministry officer, who helped hide the body of the murdered woman. Officially, another person involved in the case was not reported.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Novosibirsk region reported that the murder suspect had already been fired from the internal affairs bodies “for negative reasons.” Basakovskaya, transsexual from SiberiaROMB

Victoria Basakovskaya, in the words of the telegram channel “112”, was the most famous transpersonal of Siberia. In the past, she gave several interviews in which she spoke about her life. In December 2019, in an interview with the Romb project, she said that as a child, she noticed that she “felt like a different person inside herself”, and by the age of 18 she “had already begun to transform concretely”. In an interview with NGS published in June 2019, she said that her family, including her mother, have always supported her. Basakovskaya claimed that she had done an orchiectomy (removal of the testicles) with her own hands. She did not change documents and continued to remain Nikolai according to her passport, but she planned to do so in the future.

In the summer of 2019, Basakovskaya said that she had recently broken up with a man whom she had met since the age of 17 for six years. She noted that she was satisfied with relationships with men, but “it’s easier to be alone at the moment.”

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  • “She” probably refused to let him give “her” a blowjob.

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  • A male can pretend to be female, but that does not make him a woman. There is no such thing as a “transgender woman.” It’s a male, period.
    Having said that, he didn’t deserve to be murdered, but should have been placed in a mental institution.

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