Zelensky believes it is possible to reach agreement with Putin on peace, return of occupied territories, although it’s very difficult

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky believes that it is possible to reach agreements with President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to end the war in Donbas and return the occupied territories to Ukraine, although this is very difficult to do.

“I believe in this. Otherwise, I would not run for President of Ukraine. It is very difficult, and here we need the help of the whole world, it is true. But I do not lose this faith,” he said in an interview with the Hard Talk program on the BBC, answering the question whether he believes in the possibility of concluding a peace agreement with Putin, which will return all of its territories to Ukraine, including Crimea.

Zelensky also said he is ready to step down from the presidency if he fails in this issue.

“You know, this is not a problem for me. I said right away then that I do not cling to ratings or power. If I cannot end the war, then another person must come who is able to end this tragic story between our countries,” he pointed out.

(c) Interfax Ukraine


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