Vadim Rabinovich: Medvedchuk’s actions in Moscow show the highest state level of this person

Interview with Vadim Rabinovich, co-chairman of the Opposition Platform – For Life party, on the air of 112 Ukraine TV channel

– Now the people’s deputy of Ukraine, co-chairman of the faction “Opposition Platform – For Life” Vadim Rabinovich is joining our broadcast. Vadim Zinovievich, good afternoon, we welcome you.

– Hello. You know, the language does not turn to say “Good afternoon”, because you and I are more and more immersed in the news, similar to the summary of military operations. I just want to tell you a few words about what happened today. First, the death of our comrade in Transcarpathia, where again gangs in balaclavas, which are completely ignored by the authorities and law enforcement agencies, get the opportunity, in every city they beat our tents, beat up activists. This is fascism in its purest form. Now a man has been killed. An unknown person killed. Look at the wording: unknown in a balaclava. Well, what does “unknown” mean? Where are you all, police, militia, SBU? Is everyone doing business now? This is the first thing.

Second. Today is the phenomenal statement by President Zelensky, which, frankly, shocked me, in response to Viktor Medvedchuk’s trip to Moscow and the proposal that a vaccine from Russia could be supplied to Ukraine. The answer was as follows: we will not take the vaccine from Russia at all, we will wait until Europe gives it to us. You know, I don’t even know how to evaluate these words. I’ll try it softly, without cursing. Well, firstly, Europe has already given us many times. She gave so much that we were already right there, we had ate. Second. We do not yet know when there will be a vaccine in this Europe. Third: people are dying.

I don’t know how to explain this to Zelensky. And in response to some … well, at least a hypothetical opportunity to help people, he says the word “no”. This means one thing: the president personally took upon himself, on his conscience, on his … I don’t know what … responsibility for everyone who died from coronavirus in our country. For one simple reason: because they had such an opportunity and did not take advantage of it. I’m not even talking now, the vaccine helps, it doesn’t help. I’m not a medic. But there is such a chance, and not taking advantage of it is a crime, in my opinion, of the highest level. This is just the news of today. Third. Yesterday the foreign minister said that a British military base would most likely be built in Nikolaev and British paratroopers would enter there.

And the former commander of NATO forces in Europe said that there are too many Russian companies in Odessa. Our government understood this literally, and today in Nikolaev “servants of the people” are trying to remove our party from the city elections altogether so that we do not block the possibility of opening a base there. At the same time, some fantastic things are going on: there the judge was replaced due to the fact that there are sympathizers of the HLE in his family. Just think about this nightmare of what is happening. In Odessa, today, there are general searches of all representatives of the PLWL, including People’s Deputy Skorik, including our first issues of different OTGs, on various far-fetched pretexts.

This is the SBU, which cannot find anyone anywhere, but it finds time to conduct searches in our Odessa. Guys, residents of Odessa, who can hear me, hold on, please. This will not last long, this bacchanalia. I can continue to talk about everything. About the victory of Zelensky, who said that we will finally strengthen the United Kingdom’s navy. I took the contract and looked. They are going to give us a loan for 1 billion 200 thousand for 10 years for the construction of boats, which were first ordered in 1992 … Moreover, the first ships will begin to be built in Great Britain, and then theoretically in our country. Until “later,” you know they won’t.

So what can I say. We plunge more and more into chaos when these evil clowns can do nothing more in our country. Once again, I want to express my simple condolences to the family of the deceased and say that the criminals will still go to jail. And to you, dear Ukrainians, I would like to address from the bottom of my heart in words. We are not doomed to live in such shit. We are not doomed to live in such poverty and poverty. I remember when Poles came to us to take food, today they are the locomotive of the European economy, and we are in complete shit. Let’s finish this one time already. I am in favor of ending local elections once with them and then going straight to the parliamentary and presidential elections and admit to myself that the choice was wrong.

– Mr. Vadim, allow me to clarify a few facts about the facts that you said about the death of this person, a representative of your political force, and others, in which you, in particular, see violations, that concerns, for example, the electoral process … Judge, you remembered him, then investigative actions, searches in reception rooms in Odessa and Nikolaev. How will the party react to all these things? And will he react at all? Do you already see some kind of backlash, perhaps from law enforcement officers?

– You know, we rely little on law enforcement officers, as you know, because protection should be in our hands. We do a lot, believe me, of what may not be visible. Just keep in mind one simple thing that we are not a gang. Our party will not go to kill people there or anything else. We can only protect people. Therefore, we do all the necessary actions to protect what we are able to do today. I will repeat to you once again, I am not just saying it as a routine phrase: the guilty will not escape the answer. We know who is doing this, we are monitoring this situation and believe me, the perpetrators will definitely not leave.

But today we have one “green” tragedy in Ukraine. Together we gave the majority in parliament, and absolutely everywhere, into the hands of the “green”, whom we believed for some five minutes. As a result, everything is in their hands, nothing can be done. We can only fight with them in the elections. We must not turn Ukraine into a battlefield. And they want to make us hostages, so that we sit in a bomb shelter, and the West on our territory fought with Russia. This cannot be allowed. Think about grandchildren and children, that’s what I’m talking about. Think, look what is happening in the world today, look. Therefore, peace in our country must be protected, rescued and peace established. In the world, Zelensky came to the elections and lied about peace for the first time, and then it went, apparently, on a knurled basis.

– I would like to ask about Medvedchuk’s visit to Moscow: three aspects that were discussed. The first is the vaccine, you have already said about this and also expressed your vision, the second is with regard to a peaceful settlement in the framework of the format that was proposed to them, and the third option is sanctions, Ukrainian enterprises. How do you see progress in this direction?

– You know, I will just decipher all three points very briefly again. First. At a meeting with Putin, Medvedchuk asked him to help Ukraine with coronavirus vaccines. The vaccine, which, by the way, he himself has already been vaccinated. I repeat once again, I am not a doctor, but I know that if there is a chance to save people, we must at least use this chance. The fact that Medvedchuk did this and asked, I believe that this is an act of the highest humanism in relation to the Ukrainian people. Great job. He asked not for himself, not for some of his friends there, not for his party. He asked that we, regardless of political ones, be given a vaccine. This is the first thing. I think that we will come to this, because there is no other vaccine yet. Second.

He appealed to the government and the President of Russia in the most difficult economic situation like this, in which our country is today, to return, to lift sanctions from many of our Ukrainian enterprises unilaterally. Tell me, is there an anti-Ukrainian element in this? Is there an element? What kind of nonsense is this? The man made more with one trip than the entire Cabinet of Ministers in four years. And yet they find something to say in it. What is wrong, tell me? 150 thousand jobs that can be returned at one time after the lifting of sanctions, which can also be removed in just a week. Tell me what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with that? Because they are used to only one thing in everything – to tear this Ukraine apart, to tear it, hiding behind embroidered shirts and songs.

And Medvedchuk did everything right. It is supported by me, the party council and the whole party. I believe that his actions in Moscow show the highest state level of this person, in contrast to those who then say the following: “here are some who are grafting themselves here, but we will not do this.” Mr. President, your task is to protect the people of our country, health, everyday life, everything else. Your task is to think about it, not about your party, which will lose the elections anyway. Get “green”, everything, we finished with them. I believe that the patience is snatched. Deaths in the streets, the murders of our comrades, the complete coronavirus nightmare that they brought to theirs with this … I don’t know … with their stupidity, inattention. And I believe that it is simply impossible to govern the country in this way any longer. We must go to the polls and …

– Of course. Thank you very much for joining our broadcast. Vadim Rabinovich was with us. This is the People’s Deputy of Ukraine, the “Opposition Platform – For Life” faction with his own vision of how the situation in our country is actually developing in the context of answering my questions. Thanks.

(c)112UA 2020


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