ukraine: Air Force gets modernized MiG29 fighter

23:15, 09.10.20 – UNIAN

Service life has been extended, while new Ukrainian-made equipment and systems have been installed.

The Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant SE, which is part of the Ukroboronprom Group, handed over to the military another upgraded MiG-29MU1 fighter jet.

That’s according to the plant CEO Dmytro Matrunchyk, Ukroboronprom’s press service reports.

“On the eve of Ukraine Defender Day, the enterprise launched test flights of another modernized MiG-29MU1 jet,” the official said, adding that, following successful tests, Ukraine defense officials have accepted the fighter for service before it was deployed to its permanent base.

The plant has performed a set of repair works, extended the fighter jet’s service life, and installed Ukraine-made equipment and systems as part of modernization (having replaced Soviet parts). Thus, tactical and technical performance of the Air Force’s main combat aircraft was enhanced.

Further modernization of this type of aircraft is underway, Matrunchyk added.

In July, the plant handed over to one of Ukraine’s air force brigades a repaired MiG-29 fighter with an overhauled engine and new avionics installed.


  • Good! I’m glad they didn’t opt for the extremely expensive Israeli overhaul.
    One day, maybe, Ukraine will have the F-22 and F-35.

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    • Agreed.
      The Israeli option would have been a big improvement in the plane’s capabilities but was going to cost about half as much as a new air frame. which are reaching their end of service cycle.
      Better to save the money and buy new modern planes that will effective for decades to come and constitute a major deterrent.
      If they do purchase new planes it will probably be the F-16. It has great interoperability with NATO allies, very good performance and a very good payload plus purchasing power equals political power in the US no matter who is in the White House.
      How ever I personally think they should buy the Saab Gripen. zit has excellent maneuverability for dogfighting (a war with russia would would be a gun fight in an elevator and not remain beyond visual range long) low maintenance costs and would help develop closer tie with Sweden. They have a lot of military tech Ukraine could use.

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