Lukashenko met with arrested oppositionists in jail

Alyaksandr Lukashenka visited the KGB pre-trial detention center of Belarus on October 10, where he talked with arrested opposition representatives for more than four hours, the Pul Pervyi telegram channel reported.

The meeting was attended, among others, by banker Viktor Babariko, who was going to run for president, his son Eduard Babariko, lawyer, member of the Coordination Council of the Belarusian opposition Lilia Vlasova, businessman Yuri Voskresensky and political strategist Vitaly Shklyarov, reports Judging by the photo, Maria Kolesnikova, who was also arrested, was not present at the meeting.

The details of the conversation were not specified. The Belarusian state agency Belta published one of Lukashenka’s statements at the meeting:

The country lives under the slogan: “Give us a dialogue.” Based on the reproaches of your supporters, I thought that the most radical proposal is on all issues. There is no need to dwell only on the Constitution. Half, as far as I understand, are lawyers here, and they perfectly understand that you cannot write the Constitution on the street. I take a broader view of this, trying to convince not only your supporters, but the whole society that the problem should be looked at more broadly.

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  • “Half, as far as I understand, are lawyers here, and they perfectly understand that you cannot write the Constitution on the street.”
    Nope, and you don’t elect a president that received fewer votes than the opposition, then go whining to your next door neighbour because the opposition want to claim their rightful victory.

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  • Putin told him to make this show.

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  • What did papa Luka have to say to the unrightfully imprisoned oppositionists? Please, accept me as your president? Please, stop your resistance?
    More than likely, it is a circus show for the people. “See here, I am willing to have a dialogue.”
    Anyone with common sense won’t be fooled by this farce.

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    • Yeah, why not release them first, then have dialogue on national TV, so everyone can see.

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      • The “dialog” he had in jail is meaningless. Had he released the people, stopped the riot Police from harassing the demonstrators, then had the dialog, it could have meant something. At this point, the only thing that would have any meaning is him going on TV, apologizing and stepping down.

        Fat chance of that happening. Dictators gonna dictate.

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