The chief physician of the hospital in Omsk, where Navalny’s “poisoning” was finally ruled out, was given a new position

The Ministry of Health of the Omsk Region appointed to a new position Alexander Murakhovsky, the chief physician of the emergency hospital No. 1 (BSMP No. 1) in Omsk, where Alexei Navalny was taken after the poisoning . Murakhovsky became the acting head of the city clinical hospital number 1, writes “”.

Explaining the appointment of Murakhovsky, the head of the regional Ministry of Health, Irina Soldatova, said that city hospital No. 1 “requires attention and a proprietor’s approach.” “It is necessary to return to working order one of the largest medical institutions in the city, which is in quarantine most of the time and has a large percentage of sick doctors,” she said.

Murakhovsky has been in charge of the emergency hospital No. 1 in Omsk since March 2018.

Alexey Navalny spent two days in the Omsk hospital, which was headed by Alexander Murakhovsky. The chief physician of the Emergency Hospital No. 1 claimed that, according to research, no poisons or products of their action were found in Navalny’s body, so the doctors ruled out the version of poisoning.

Before being hospitalized, Navalny assumed that he could have been poisoned, as his relatives and associates believed. Murakhovsky said that, according to Omsk doctors, the oppositionist felt bad because of metabolic disorders. In Germany, where the politician was evacuated from Omsk, they said that he was poisoned with a substance from the Novichok group.

On August 21, Alexander Murakhovsky opposed the transportation of Navalny to Germany. In a meeting with reporters, he said that the patient remains “consistently severe,” and then called him “unstable heavy.” On the same day, doctors allowed the evacuation of Navalny after “finally excluding poisoning.” The politician himself said in an interview that he was kept in Omsk for a long time so that no traces of poison were found in his body.

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