MS Estonia: Europe’s worst shipping disaster ’caused by Baltic submarine collision’

The 1994 sinking of an Estonian cruise ship in which 852 people drowned may have been caused by a collision with a submarine, a documentary team has suggested.

The programme’s makers said a remote-controlled probe they sent to explore the wreckage of the MS Estonia had spotted a previously unknown hole in the hull that is four metres high and 1.2 metres wide at its widest point.

Their findings were streamed this week in the Discovery documentary “Estonia: The Find That Changes Everything”, in which experts said the rupture could only have been caused by a massive external force.

Only 137 of the 989 people who were on board the ferry survived when it sank in international waters off Finland early on September 28, 1994. It remains Europe’s worst peacetime shipping disaster.

The foreign ministers of Estonia, Finland and Sweden said in a statement that they will jointly assess the new information presented by the documentary.

But Margus Kurm, who led the Estonian government committee investigating the disaster, said a collision with a submarine was “the most likely cause”.

He added that the newly-discovered hole was unlikely to have been caused by an underwater rock or cliff that the passenger and car ferry struck as it sank to the seabed.

“The section where the damage was found has never touched the seabed,” Kurm told Estonian state broadcaster ETV.

“The position that [MS] Estonia is in post-accident was documented during dives conducted in 1994.”

The original inquiry into the MS Estonia disaster concluded that it was caused by the bow door of the ship being wrenched open and allowing water to flood into the car deck.

The ship was en route to Stockholm from Tallinn when it sank.

Passengers from 17 countries drowned in the disaster, including 501 Swedes and 285 Estonians.

Many bodies remain unrecovered in the wreck and exploratory diving was banned at the site under a 1995 agreement signed by the governments of Estonia, Finland and Sweden.

But the documentary makers are understood to have used a German-flagged vessel to explore the wreck.

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  • “But Margus Kurm, who led the Estonian government committee investigating the disaster, said a collision with a submarine was “the most likely cause”.

    I remember this accident well. Which country would be so despicable as to keep quiet about one of it’s subs hitting a ferry, and killing 850 people. Answers on a postage stamp.

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  • I am surprised to see that the submarine theory was initiated by an official from Estonia. I would have expected this kind of bullshit from the pro-kremlin idiots who now “discuss” this bullshit in their facebook groups and other fora. Not being able to read Swedish is a blessing in this case.

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    • So you don’t think it’s possible a sub caused this ferry to sink?

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      • It’s possible. By a factor of 100%!
        Off topic: that poisonous old hag Pelosi has revealed her true colours. I always knew she was IRA-loving trash, but it turns out she has a rancid, festering hatred of Britain and particularly Boris. She and her arsehole friends will cause horrendous problems for Britain if IRA Joe gets in. Plus she is insane.
        Re the Oxford vaccine, the Daily Express reported what she said at a press conference:
        “I think we have to be very careful about what happens in the UK.
        We have very stringent rules about the Food and Drug Admin here about the number of clinical trials, timing, number of people etc so that when a drug is approved by the FDA and the scientific advisory committee that it’s safe and efficacious then it will have the trust of the American people to take it.
        Vaccines are about trust we want people to take it.
        So we pray that it is sooner the better, not one day sooner that it is safe and efficacious but not one day later either.
        My concern is that the UK’s system for that kind of judgment is not on a par with ours in the United States.
        So if Boris Johnson decides he’s going to approve a drug and this President embraces that, that’s the concern I have about any similarity between the two.”
        Pelosi made the comments after a journalist asked her if Mr Johnson is an example of someone who’s capacity was reduced due to coronavirus.
        Her remarks appear to highlight the Democrats’ suspicion of Mr Johnson and the extent some see the UK Prime Minister as part of President Trump’s political project
        If Joe Biden wins the upcoming Presidential election, it is feared Downing Street may have a frosty reception from the White House…..
        Anglo-American relations will be worse than anything in living memory if Trump is defeated.
        The Dems, like the anti-British Labour Party, are a sewer of hate and lies.

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        • Some coincidence in this article from Sky news. No sooner have talks between the UK and Ukraine finished, than this comes out. As far as I’m concerned it’s a non story, arms find there way into the hands of terrorists all the time. It looks to me like someone is stirring the shit here.

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          • That’s disturbing, to put it mildly.
            Britain is going to supply Ukraine with lethal weapons. See my post on P2.

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            • I don’t have any time for Sky, Murdoch or any of the trash he’s connected with. I find it too coincidental that this comes out as the UK and Ukraine are making inroads to trade and other agreements.

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              • The Murdochs make commercial decisions that have terrible consequences. Eg Rupert ordered The Sun to switch over to Labour in 1997, which condemned us to the Blair-Brown era that dragged on for 13 years. That gave them the time they needed for the biggest social engineering project in history: to alter the UK demographics by flooding it with immigrants from primitive cultures that would become lifelong clients of the socialist welfare state.
                Fox Australia is staunchly Republican, but again, a commercial decision has been made in America to back Biden, who will do the same thing as Blair. 13m illegals will get passports. That would easily be enough to turn America into a 3rd world-type socialist dictatorship.

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  • RuSSian subs are as blind as ruSSian air defense systems. Wouldn’t wonder if the ruskies caused this disaster as well.

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  • Another Russian Crime………………………..the list is longer than the size of the country.

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  • Unfortunately, we will probably never really know what happened.

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