Wine expert advice. 10 wineries in Ukraine that are worth visiting at least once

In the new issue of Kartat Potata, wine expert Yevgenia Nikolaychuk told Dasha Malakhova about wine education and the best Ukrainian wineries.

The issue of Kartata Potata on October 7 was dedicated to wine and its understanding. Yevheniya Nikolaychuk, co-owner of Like a Local’s bar, WSET4 diploma holder, wine expert of the Salt restaurant award, told in Dasha Malakhova’s show how to understand wine, as well as which wineries in Ukraine are worth visiting.

Must-see wineries


Shabo Wine Cultural Center

It is beautiful, large-scale and “why did we not know that there are such amazing places in Ukraine”.

This Ukrainian wine-making complex, created in 2003, has a full production cycle and bases it on the centuries-old traditions of wine making.


Winery Colonist

Everything here is about the atmosphere of a family winery and high quality standards.

This winery is named after the Bulgarians-colonists who settled the Danube Bessarabia in the 18th century and to this day honor their traditions and culture.


Chateau chizay

The views are no worse than in Tuscany, a great wine museum and an amazing restaurant on Malaya Gora.

The winery was founded in 1995 and is now a popular destination for wine tourism.


Don alejandro winery

A charismatic garage winemaker who produces colorful wine.

Don Alejandro, the owner of the winery, is a fan of ” cosmodynamics”, and therefore fills his drinks with ” individual knowledge of the architecture of winemaking and the power of personal participation in the design and creation of wines.”



A family winery that never ceases to experiment and make more and more people fall in love with Ukrainian wine.

The vineyards of this winery grow in a unique place: on the Beykush cape, between the Berezansky estuary and the Beykushsky bay.


Gigineishvili Wine House

This is worth a visit, if only because you did not suspect that there are wineries in Vinnitsa.

The founders say they create Ukrainian wine with a Georgian soul.


Winery of Prince Trubetskoy

Just a chic historic Chateau in a very beautiful place.

On the territory of the winery there is a hotel, as well as a reconstructed historic building of the winery from 1900, with towers and an observation deck, which is equipped with tasting rooms and galleries of wine cellars from the time of Trubetskoy.

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Святкуємо разом з @winery_trubetskoy ⠀ ВСЕСВІТНІЙ ДЕНЬ КАБЕРНЕ СОВІНЬОН🍷⠀ ⠀ Це свято, в якому відчувається особливий смак осені — часу, коли на зміну улюбленим літнім легким винам приходять вина сильні, багаті танінами. І серед них, звичайно ж, Каберне Совіньон Князя П.М. Трубецького.⠀ ⠀ Виноград 🍇 для цього вина збираємо виключно вручну з ділянки розташованної на схилах Дніпра з південно-східною експозицією.⠀ Вино має характерний яскраво-рубіновий колір, букет представлений ароматом ягід чорної смородини, ожини,стиглої вишні, кедру і тютюну. ⠀ Смак добре структурований з ягідними тонами, неагресивними танінами та тривалим приємним післясмаком.⠀ ⠀ Запрошуємо відсвяткувати разом🍷 у Шато Трубецького.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ З питань екскурсій і дегустацій звертайтеся за номером:⠀⠀ 📲 +380508784738⠀⠀ Рецепція готелю Князя Трубецького⠀ 📲 +380503594988⠀

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Father’s wine

Again: if only because you did not suspect that wine is produced in Ternopil.

This is the craft winery of Vladimir Buyachk from Gusyatin.


Biologist Winery

5 minutes from Kiev by car and you are at the winery.

These winemakers follow the rhythms of nature and to improve the immunity of the vine and soil, they abandoned the use of unit fertilizers and chemicals.


Winery Terroir

The winery is located on the territory of the Wine Garden restaurant complex in Transcarpathia.

Ask Chersegi, Rose or dry Muscat. And in the restaurant, be sure to order red caviar from your own trout farm.

Please arrange group visits in advance before traveling to wineries.

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  • Superb! I visited one: Shabo. It was brilliant. Furthmore it is close to the majestic Akkerman fortress. (Why was it named after the guitarist with Dutch prog masters; Focus? Only kidding).

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