U.S. senators urge to impose sanctions against Turkey for S-400 trials

The senators want to get the answer for the question of whether or not Turkey implemented the Link-16 system into the Russian S-400 systems as it might enable Russia to spy on NATO’s allies

Senators Chris Van Hollen and James Lankford urged the U.S. State Department to impose sanctions against Turkey due to the planned trials of Russian S-400 missile systems as the website of Van Hollen states.

“We write concerning public reports that Turkey has activated the radars of its Russian-made S-400 anti-aircraft system, in order to detect U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets returning from the Eunomia exercise conducted by France, Italy, Greece and Cyprus in late August in response to Turkey’s unwarranted aggression in the Eastern Mediterranean. We again urge you to impose sanctions on Turkey as required by law,” the letter says.

Senators Van Hollen and Lankford noted that as for today, the administration of the U.S. president did not impose the sanctions against Turkey for S-400’s purchase and reports about the activation of the S-400 anti-aircraft system ‘clearly shows’ that Turkey does not intend to refuse from this system.

“Turkey’s recent reported activation of the S-400 system to detect the U.S. F-16 underscores our grave concerns about Russia’s ability to access sensitive data,” the message said.

The senators asked to provide the information whether or not the system for detection of returning aircraft was activated until October 14.

Moreover, the lawmakers want to get the answer to the question of whether or not Turkey implemented the Link-16 system into the Russian S-400 systems as it might enable Russia to spy on NATO’s allies.

The next week, turkey plans to hold the trials of S-400 missile systems purchased from Russia. The trials are planned to be held in Sinop, along the coast of the Black Sea.

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  • There are two ways to look at this. The US could sanction the crap out of Turkey, or the US could ask Turkey to sell them one of these systems.

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    • For what purpose? The see how a system works that does not work? Turkey is no better than RuSSia. I say sanction them to death, kick them out of Nato and arm Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria to the teeth!

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      • I think NATO only tolerate Turkey because of the Bosphorus. If they push Turkey towards Russia, and Russia get any control of the Bosphorus, we are fucked.

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        • Why. The Bosporus has no meaning in a world of aircrafts. Nato can send aircraft carriers to Greece and target any place in Crimea and southern RuSSia. Not to mention B-52s. Also Ukraine mainly imports/exports by rail and air. The Bosporus excuse is lame. Also i doubt Turkey would dare to block US destroyers from passing even if kicked out of Nato. Truth is Nato is lead by cowards and does not dare to kick Turkey’s ass. Also Trump admires idiots like Erdogan and Putin. Appeasing Turkey is as wrong as appeasing RuSSia.

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          • Ukraine among other countries use the Bosphorus to send goods out of the country. If it is blocked, the likes of Ukraine and Georgia would suffer greatly. Erdogan is playing his own game here, he doesn’t give a shit about NATO or Russia, but he’ll swap sides in an instance if the situation suits him.

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  • Turkey is a trash country that should not be in NATO. Kick them out of the organization and sanction the crap out of them.

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