Ukraine, Great Britain to sign Strategic Partnership Agreement, Memo on development of Ukrainian Navy worth GBP 1.25 bln

Ukraine, Great Britain to sign Strategic Partnership Agreement, Memo on development of Ukrainian Navy worth GBP 1.25 bln

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky says that during his official visit to Great Britain two important strategic documents will be signed: the Strategic Partnership Agreement between the countries and the Memorandum on the development of the Ukrainian Navy for GBP 1.25 billion.

“This is a very important visit. I believe it is the historic visit. First of all, we look forward to a meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. There will be a substantive meeting, we will sign an important historic agreement on strategic partnership and trade between our countries, which makes it possible to continue and expand the agreement on a free trade area between our countries after Great Britain withdraws from the EU,” he said in a comment on the commencement of his visit to Great Britain, the text of which is at the disposal of the Interfax-Ukraine agency.

Zelensky said that the Memorandum on the development of the Ukrainian Navy will also be signed.

“It is the important strategic document. We will be at the naval base and we will sign this memorandum worth GBP 1.25 billion. We all believed that the Navy would appear in Ukraine again. It seems to me that this is such an important strong step,” he said.

The president said that a meeting with representatives of the British royal family is also planned.

“One of the priority issues for our country, in which the British are really professionals, is the infrastructure for psychological, first of all, rehabilitation for our soldiers, our veterans. I think that here we will receive support from Great Britain,” he said.

In addition, Zelensky announced meetings with the Ukrainian community and with British business. “There will be a separate meeting with the mayor of London City. It is my dream to construct Kyiv City. We will talk about it,” he said.



  • A number of documents related to cooperation in the field of defense and financial support of bilateral projects are also planned to be signed. In particular, the possibility of signing a memorandum on the construction of missile boats in Ukraine was reported.

    There are no ships of this type in Ukraine at all now, although they are a key link that can provide resistance to aggression from the sea.

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    • My hope is that Ukraine will take back Sevastopol in a couple of years.

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      • Mine too! I took idyllic holidays in Crimea before the putinazis occupied and turned it into a festering sewer. My interest in the place, always strong, was intensified by an article in the Mail on Sunday, by a brilliant but vile putler-groveling journalist; Peter Hitchens. He traveled out there in (I think) 2009 and wrote beautifully about the place. But unfortunately it was a disgusting propaganda piece which in hindsight shows the depth of putinazi penetration of western opinion-formers. It literally set out the case for invasion. I can try to find the article if you’re interested.
        Anyway, not long after that I made the first of several visits, staying in a Tatar settlement and befriending the owners of a holiday complex. I dream of going back there. It was in a pristine pine forest with beautiful air, songbirds and no mosquitoes.

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        • I can’t think of any other place on earth where native people are so abused and are given such little respect internationally. Even the fellow Muslims seem to be quiet about this inhumane occupation.

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          • You raise an interesting point. Erdogan is a tyrant, but a more unpredictable one than putler. His position on key issues has changed so many times during the seemingly endless years of his incumbency. On topics like Greece, Cyprus, Armenia, Syria, the Kurds etc he has flip flopped dizzyingly. What can be confirmed is that he is an Ottoman supremacist in the same way that putler is a fascist imperialist.
            He’s now decided that Azerbaijan should take (or re-take as he might claim) Nagorno-Karabakh. Is he going to go all out, provide military force and fight Russia? I would guess not, but who knows?
            The Tatars have far more claim to Krym than the Azeris to Nagorno, so why doesn’t he take that one on? He did fund two Tatar battalions that fought bravely after 2014 and I believe that they are now fully integrated into the Ukraine regular army, where they are known to comport themselves very well. He does also speak very well about Ukraine and regards it as a key ally. Turks do a lot of business in Ukraine. There are also Kurds in Ukraine; some of them ex-PKK and some pro-Turkey.
            If he wished, Erdogan could make life very difficult for putler, using the Bosporus as leverage. On the other hand, putler dreams of full control of the Bosporus. Best to send a full Nato battle fleet there on permanent rotation, just to be on the safe side.
            Going into the realms of fantasy for a moment, imagine how different things would look if a United Baltic/Black Sea alliance was formed? Finland, Pribaltika, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, with the Budapest signatories as guarantors.
            PS, Zel has just signed a free trade deal with Boris.

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  • Excellent.
    Of the three services the Navy is in the worst shape.
    8 modern missile boats plus tech transfer is a good deal.
    Interestingly the Navy brass didn’t want this deal to go through.

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  • First time Zenny signs a good deal……………….

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