The deputy proposes to ban statements denying Russia’s military aggression and occupation

People’s Deputy Oleh Dunda proposes to counteract the information war on television and radio by expanding the powers of the National Council and criminal liability.

On October 5, Oleh Dunda , a People’s Deputy from the Servant of the People faction, registered in parliament the bill  №4188 “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine” On Television and Radio Broadcasting “to Combat Information Warfare”, which proposes to ban the dissemination of objections on television and radio. the fact of military aggression of the Russian Federation, its occupation of part of the territory of Ukraine and its hybrid war against Ukraine.

For the first such violation by the broadcaster, the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting should fine him 25% of the license fee. At the same time, the broadcaster will not be liable if these statements were broadcast live in the remarks of the participants (guests) of the programs, and the employees of the broadcaster did something to stop this violation live.

The author also wants to change the rule of law, according to which the National Council appeals to the court to revoke the licenses of violators. The current norm stipulates that if the violations have not been remedied after the imposition of a sanction in the form of a fine, the National Council shall apply to the court for revocation of the broadcasting license or revocation of the license of the software service provider. The deputy proposes that the National Council apply to the court to revoke the license if the violations were not eliminated within a month after the fine, as well as in case of re-imposition of a fine for the same violation. 

The author of the bill points out that Ukraine has been in a state of hybrid war with the Russian Federation since 2014, and the tools to combat Russian influence on the Ukrainian media and information space that exist today are not enough to effectively counter Russian propaganda and broadcast its messages in Ukrainian. media. ” Sanctions that can be imposed by the media regulator in Ukraine – the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting – are often ineffective, as it does not eliminate violations of the law in the broadcast content, ” – said in an explanatory note to the project.

Oleg Dunda also proposes to amend the Criminal Code of Ukraine – this is provided by his other bill  законо 4189 ). Namely, to add Article 436-2 “Public denial of the fact of armed aggression of the Russian Federation and temporary occupation of part of the territory of Ukraine.”

He proposes to punish the public denial of Russia’s military aggression, the occupation of part of Ukraine and the conduct of a hybrid war, as well as the production and distribution of materials with such objections with a fine of 51,000 to 170,000 hryvnias or imprisonment for up to five years. Oleg Dunda offers up to five years in prison for repeating such a crime or for a crime committed by a government official or using the media.

It will be recalled that the results of an all-Ukrainian public opinion poll commissioned by the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation together with the Razumkov Center’s sociological service showed that 60% of Ukrainians believe that Russia started the war in Donbass . One in five respondents is convinced that the war was started by the Ukrainian government and oligarchs. 18% were undecided.

As of February 2019, 48.5% of Ukrainians believed that the war was first started by separatists and Russia , 17% – that Ukraine, and 35% could not decide on who was the first to start the war.



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