In the Ryazan region, 300 kilometers from Moscow, an ammunition depot caught fire, explosions are heard. This is how it looks

Updated . Because of the explosions of ammunition, 23 people turned to medical institutions, 10 of them were hospitalized with cuts, bruises and fractures. An emergency regime was introduced in two districts of the Ryazan region, several thousand people were evacuated.

In the afternoon of October 7, a fire broke out in the Ryazan Region at the ammunition storage depot of the Western Military District (ZVO), located in a forest near the village of Zheltukhino . As stated in the press service of the secondary cooling zone, about 13:20 on the warehouse burned grass, and then because of the gusty wind the fire spread to the area of storage of artillery ammunition. The firefighters of the military unit unsuccessfully tried to extinguish the fire, after which the rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations went there.

Ammunition explodes at the warehouse, but, according to the military, no one was injured, and everyone was evacuated from the military unit. The representatives of the Western Military District stressed that nothing threatens the nearest settlements.

Due to the explosions at the warehouse, as the Ministry of Emergency Situations told Interfax, residents of more than 10 villages located within a radius of five kilometers were also evacuated. In addition, traffic on the R-22 “Caspian” road was blocked.

The military is ready to send three Mi-8 helicopters and a special fire train to the site of the fire, and the Emergencies Ministry – an Il-76 aircraft. The head of the EMERCOM of Russia Evgeny Zinichev will fly to the Ryazan region.

(C)MEDUZA 2020


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