Leader of “DNR” signs “decree” on requisition of land plots for “state” needs

The “DNR” leader Denis Pushilin has allowed to bring private land plots in requisition for the “state” needs. This is said in the “decree” he had signed.

This “document” established the grounds for the withdrawal of land plots for the “state” needs. It is noted that such grounds are construction of communication facilities, transport, electricity, defense and social facilities.

The “decree” says that the owners of the requisitioned land plots will allegedly be reimbursed for their value.

(C)OSTROV 2020


  • The Putinistas have been doing this all along. The only apparent difference now, it seems, is the reimbursement. The likely reimbursement from the Soviet authorities will be free balcony flying lessons.

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  • “The “decree” says that the owners of the requisitioned land plots will allegedly be reimbursed for their value.”
    Just admit it; the land will be stolen. The reimbursement is not throwing the owners into prison or worse.

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    • Friends of ours had property in Crimea, but when Muscovy invaded they left asap. They have been trying to sell this property, but with no luck, as the Russian trash say it does not belong to our friends now, it is the property of Russia.

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      • My friend from the SBU had the same problem. He had a summer house in Alushta. But, after the theft of the Crimea by mafia land, he, as an SBU officer, could not risk returning to the Crimea. Obviously, his family members also couldn’t go there anymore. What to do? My current real estate agent was the answer! She went to the peninsula and sold the place for him. Then, she smuggled the money back across the “border” in her bra!

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        • All I can say is she either didn’t get much money from the sale, or she was wearing one hell of a big bra. 😁

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          • Ha, ha, ha! Isn’t that the truth. She would’ve made Dolly Parton look like a flat-chested beanstalk.
            I think the transaction was in dollars. This was not long after the time of theft of the Crimea. In Ukraine, dollars are very often used for the purchase of real estate.

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      • I have heard many stories like that. It is blood-boiling. This thieving has been going on for decades and it disgusts me that no one in the outside world cares about Russian property theft, despite the heartbreak and poverty it causes. Abkhazia is (or was) a very beautiful subtropical area of Georgia that was, like Sochi, thieved by Russia. There were many fine homes owned by ethnic Georgians. Invaders scum came in and took the lot. If there is a beautiful seafront residence, you can bet some fucking General or other Russian turd lives in it.
        Saakashvili did his best to help the victims. Outside the city of Gori can be seen a large settlement of little houses he built which became the permanent homes of the dispossessed. It made me sad, angry and helpless to see it.

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