SBU says it blocked several networks of pro-Russian agitators in September

SBU says it blocked several networks of pro-Russian agitators in September

PHOTOS05.10.2020 16:34

The cyber department at Ukraine’s SBU Security Service blocked in September 2020 the activities of several regional networks of Internet agitators who, in the run-up to Ukraine’s local elections, tried to destabilize the situation in the country and called for the overthrow of the constitutional order and violation of territorial integrity, the SBU press center has reported.

In particular, SBU cyber specialists stopped the illegal activities of an SMM specialist, a resident of Sumy region, who promoted the ideas of territorial division of Ukraine and aggravation of the socio-political situation on the eve of local elections at the request of Russian citizens through fake accounts in a botnet.

In Kherson region, SBU operatives exposed an Internet agitator who, at the request of curators from the aggressor country, spread calls on a banned Russian social network to change the borders of the Ukrainian state in an unconstitutional way.

The cyber department of the SBU’s office in Dnipropetrovsk region stopped the illegal activity of a resident of the region involved in the distribution of materials calling for action to change the borders of the country, violating the procedure provided by the Constitution of Ukraine.

According to the report, procedural and investigative actions are underway on these facts.


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    Too bad the SBU is powerless to arrest the top Ruskie agitator … Zelensky.

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