Commentary by the Department of Information and Press of the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with statements by official representatives of the Federal Republic of Germany during the debates in the Bundestag

This article is translation from Russian, concerning the Navalny case from the Russian foreign ministry. Warning! Contains verbal diarrhea.

In Germany, the degree of artificially inflated hysteria in the context of the situation around A. Navalny is not decreasing. This time, anti-Russian attacks were made during the debate in the Bundestag the other day.

We noticed that when German politicians of the highest rank reproduced the next portion of far-fetched and baseless accusations and threats against our country, a paradoxical thesis was mentioned about the alleged lack of readiness in Russia for dialogue with Germany within the framework of existing specialized bilateral mechanisms.

We consider such statements as nothing more than an outright lie. We remind in this regard that the German side continues to consistently ignore proposals for establishing practical cooperation in the interests of clarifying the circumstances of the so-called. A. Navalny’s “poisoning” within the framework of legal assistance and consultations based on the provisions of the CWC.

The initiative of the leaders of the parliamentary “friendship groups” in the Russian State Duma and the German Bundestag to conduct a “constructive and impartial investigation” of the incident did not receive a response either. So far, there has been no reaction to the letter of our deputies with a proposal to introduce joint Russian-German parliamentary control over the investigation of the incident with A. Navalny.

September 28 this year The Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia has already prepared the fourth request for legal assistance in this regard, which was forwarded to the German side. We still insist on receiving a response to these appeals.

There are no answers to the questions asked by the Russian side through the political dialogue, as well as through the diplomatic channels. The Russian Embassy in Berlin received a refusal from the German Foreign Ministry to request assistance in providing consular access to A. Navalny.

When analyzing the situation, the opinion of German doctors must also be taken into account. The German doctors who arrived in Russia received unhindered access to A. Navalny, the results of his treatment in the Omsk hospital and signed documents on transferring the patient under their professional care.

We would recommend the inspirers of the provocative campaign aimed at demonizing Russia and undermining bilateral relations to come to their senses. For our part, we remain ready for an open, honest and fact-based dialogue on the situation with A. Navalny.

(c) The Kremlin Lie Machine


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