Belarus cancels all accreditation for foreign journalists

Belarus has responded to new EU sanctions by canceling the accreditation of all foreign journalists. This was stated by the Belarusian Foreign Ministry.

“In connection with the adoption of the new regulation, the validity of previously issued accreditation cards is officially terminated on October 2,” the Foreign Ministry informs.

“In the present situation, we must exercise our sovereign right to apply the necessary protective measures. In accordance with the Concept of Information Security of the Republic of Belarus,”the information sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus is the most important target for ensuring information security”. In the current situation, we are forced to exercise our sovereign right and apply the necessary protective measures, including in the form of new provisions of the Regulation,” the statement says.

As it was reported earlier, Russia decided to impose the same sanctions against the EU countries as Belarus. The Russian Foreign Ministry described the EU sanctions as “open and unacceptable pressure on the Belarusian authorities, which are making efforts to normalize the situation inside the country.”

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  • The headline is misleading. It should read, Luka on the orders of shorty, ban all real journalists from Belarus. RT and it’s vile propaganda are the only “journalists” allowed in.

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  • Any such measure is a sure sign of desperation. For the fake Belarussian government, it is essential to brainwash the people and this is where mafia land’s “journalists” will be presented every opportunity. But, will it help the dick-tator? Today, that’s unlikely. Cellphones and the internet offer the people other means to receive and to exchange information.

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