Zelensky: Ukraine will develop nuclear energy, despite opposition of many countries


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky emphasizes that Ukraine will develop its nuclear energy, complete the construction of nuclear power plants in Ukraine, despite the opposition of many countries.

“There is a strategy for the development of nuclear energy in Ukraine and the completion of nuclear power plants in Ukraine. We will definitely do this. After all, somewhere between 51-52% of generation in Ukraine is nuclear. This is the cheapest type of electricity for Ukrainians, for consumers, therefore, we will develop it. By the way, everyone already sees this. We understand that if professionals are building, and the state is working on the safety of nuclear power plants, then nothing threatens either nature or the climate. This is a safe form of electricity,” he said at a briefing in Rivne region.

Zelensky pointed out that Ukraine has every opportunity to be one of the first in the issue of nuclear energy both in Europe and in the world.

“I understand that many countries will oppose nuclear power to completely destroy the nuclear power sector in Ukraine, while we will, on the contrary, defend it,” he said.

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