Russia imposes sanctions against EU in revenge for Belarus

Moscow considers the EU sanctions to be unilateral and illegitimate, and regards it as pressure on the Belarusian authorities

ussia decided to impose the same sanctions against the EU countries as Belarus. This is stated in the commentary by Maria Zakharova, published on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“We would also like to draw attention to the fact that in accordance with the allied commitments, the Belarusian reciprocal sanctions list, which came into force today, is automatically applied in Russia” the statement informs.

The Russian Foreign Ministry described the EU sanctions as “open and unacceptable pressure on the Belarusian authorities, which are making efforts to normalize the situation inside the country.”

In addition, Russia regards EU sanctions against Belarus as unilateral and illegitimate, undermining the prerogatives of the UN Security Council and leading to further erosion of international law.

As it was reported earlier, The EU deployed sanctions against Minsk so as to put pressure on Alexander Lukashenko.

Governments of the EU member countries agreed to freeze assets and introduce trave bans for some 40 officials.

The EU does not recognize elections in Belarus, where Alexander Lukashenko allegedly won the race. Brussels condemns the violence applied to peaceful protesters, and their arrests. The restrictions will be applied against those responsible for the brutal treatment of protesters who claimed that the election was rigged.

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