In Mariupol, the building of the burnt city council was surrounded by a fence (PHOTOFACT)

In the center of Mariupol, a large-scale transformation of the city council that burned down in 2014 is expected.

At the moment, on Grecheskaya Square, the city council building has been fenced off from all sides with a metal fence. The first works are planned to begin soon. 

We will remind that earlier in Mariupol they decided to restore the building of the City Council, the cost of which is about 117 million hryvnia. As part of the reconstruction, the premises will be repaired according to the “Transparent office” principle. Also, on the first floor of the city council administration building, they want to open a museum of the icon of St. George the Victorious.



    • Russia should be required to pay reparations for the damage and theft it has in done in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and Azerbajan.

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