In Mariupol, (FROM OCCUPIED DONETSK) a woman sold a car and opened a sausage business

In Mariupol, a 63-year-old displaced person from Donetsk opened her own sausage business according to European recipes. This was reported by the USAID Project “Economic Support to Eastern Ukraine”.×504/vhk1marxvini0zgl.jpg×504/1xmrs5oxt5hzuuj5.jpg×504/fejkuumzecwovtps.jpg

As the entrepreneur Svetlana Stefkivskaya said, in order to start her own business, she had to sell the car. With the money received without grant support, she and a team of three people purchased the first equipment – smoking chambers for 250 kg of products. Also, with the funds borrowed, the woman bought a refrigerator and professional frying pans. The woman admits that it was worth it. Today her enterprise produces 50 types of sausages and other meat delicacies.

“Sausages and smoked meats are made according to European recipes – exclusively from meat, without artificial colors, with the addition of aromatic spices. The shop produces 150 kilograms of products every day, ”it was reported.

In addition, Svetlana shared that recently, at the Local Farmer Fest, which took place in Mariupol, they managed to sell absolutely all of their products. Residents willingly bought natural meat delicacies and took contacts of manufacturers.

“The festival was incredible. We brought various sausages and smoked meat to it. Homemade sausage was fried right at the festival. We saw that people are ready to buy natural products, that they are interested in farm products. It inspires us to continue working, ”she said.

In the future, the woman plans to expand production and start making raw smoked sausages.



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