In Paris, a suitcase with 500 thousand euros was found in the basement of a house. The police are looking for the owner

In a house located next to the Eiffel Tower, they found a suitcase with cash inside – it was estimated at 500 thousand euros . The police are looking for the owner.

“ We haven’t finished counting yet. It is about an amount from 500 thousand to 600 thousand euros, ” El Mundo quotes a police source, referring to AFP.

The suitcase was discovered by a 50-year-old French woman who inherited the apartment from her mother. She wanted a real estate agent to appraise her apartment, but they couldn’t get to the basement. The woman had to call a locksmith who helped open the door – this is how they found the money

Now the police are looking for the owner and are trying to establish how this suitcase ended up there.

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  1. Not exactly connected to Ukraine, but an interesting dilemma for the woman, and not the one I would have taken. If I found half a million euros in my Mother’s house, as far as I’m concerned it belongs to her.

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