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Kiev, Ukraine, Sept. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ugears, 3D self-assembly wooden kits, is a unique product in the model building industry. These are not just sets of simple wooden puzzles and static toys. Due to the wind-up rubber band components, the Ugears models are able to produce real motion. All the details of the models are made of natural materials, and the authentic thought-through design requires no glue or chemicals for their construction. Once you open the package, challenge and fun begin. According to Alexander Kirik , SEO expert from Kirik pro , here are some important facts and information about Ugears.

Ugears Origins

Ugears Mechanical Models is a start-up founded in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2014. Since the business became very popular amongst its customers in the country of origin and gained a lot of attention from investors, it was introduced to the US market just a year later, in 2015. As soon as in 2016, the manufacturer, represented by Ukrainian Bridge LLC, wins a Kickstarter campaign, which boosts the promotion and the distribution of the Ugears products throughout the entire USA. 

As a result, the list of the company’s potential customers amounted to a total of more than 28,000 people in 2017. Today, Ugears is one of the leading mechanical modeling companies on the market, with more than eighty unique models offered. 

The success of the brand proves that today’s obsession with gadgets and video games is not the ultimate leisure solution. People of all ages from all over the world still enjoy putting models together in search of that rewarding feeling of building something beautiful with their own hands while developing their creativity in this old-fashioned manner.

Ugears Design

Each Ugears model is truly a work of art. The company’s catalog includes multiple series of models, such as:

  • mechanical vehicles (vessels, carriages, steam trains, trams, bikes, trucks, cars, and airplanes)

  • STEM lab equipment (counter, pendulum, differential, etc.) 

  • urban structures (railway platform, tower, windmill, carousel, factory, and others)

  • tabletop games ware (deck box, card holder, and dice keepers). 

The collection also boasts treasure boxeus, musical instruments, animal-shaped mechanisms, measuring equipment, anti-stress constructions, and other sets. There is a large variety of coloring models and sets of U-Fidget-Tribiks. 

All the models are divided into 3 groups according to the level of their difficulty: easy, intermediate, and hard. One can also select a model based on its assembly time, as this fascinating process can take from 20 min to 16 hours! All this makes the Ugears DIY kits suitable for hobbyists of all ages – both kids and grownups will find models for every taste and skill. 

Building a model is indeed a very challenging task, but the result is worth the effort – the wooden piece of art will serve as a unique home decoration for many years. Another satisfying aspect of this sort of handicraft is seeing the completed model in action.

Ugears Assembly

Assembling the kits does not require any preparatory practice or experience. Following the manufacturer’s detailed and comprehensive instructions, even a beginner can build a model. A bit of attentiveness, perseverance, and patience coupled with hands-on learning will work its magic. 

All the pieces are easy to push, insert, and interlock; various parts are numbered; images in the manual are linked to each element, and the steps are clearly explained. It is also indicated where to pay special attention. Each kit includes its own unique tools and pieces of accessory for measurements, a guide in several languages, ​​and some additional spare parts. It is recommended to use wax to reduce friction when building and operating different models. Some models use toothpicks serving as axles for the wheels, and winding up rubber bands trigger the construction’s motion.  

Based on the principles of mechanics, each model performs its special function, such as moving, balancing, shifting, turning, steering, accelerating, and so on – just like real-life mechanisms and natural phenomena. Often, their open design allows for a good view of the complex operations taking place inside the mechanical components.

Ugears Quality

Ugears boasts high-quality standards applied to their miniature themed models. The company’s quality control includes thorough testing of each detail. Only high-grade materials are used in the production of these kits. The patented composition of the plywood is sustainable, eco-friendly, and durable. Laser pre-cutting of the parts makes the assembling process safe, convenient, and enjoyable.

Ugears Services and Policies

Additionally, the company offers:

  • Free Standard Shipping. It takes from 2 to 5 business days within the US.

  • Wholesale. The full range of the kits is available for purchase at any time, and bulk orders are processed and delivered the same day when ordered. 

  • 1-year Warranty. Free-of-charge part replacement for all the models is in place, should any of the construction elements get broken. The delivery of the spare parts takes up to 3 weeks.

  • 30 Days Payment Refund. The company guarantees a full purchase reimbursement or an exchange within 30 days of the receipt date.

  • Gift Packaging. Provided at a small additional cost, this service includes wrapping and adding a personalized card.

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