Color revolutions

Fox News and other pro-Donald Trump propaganda outfits are sounding more like the Kremlin every day. They have recently warned that a “color revolution” is under way to overthrow Trump if he wins re-election to a new four-year term on Nov. 3, 2020.

That term has been used derogatorily by Kremlin pundits and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to spin lies about the popular uprisings in Georgia, in 2003, and in Ukraine, in 2004 and 2014, to press for political change. Dictators think alike. Putin, Xi Jinping, Alexander Lukashenko, Viktor Orban, Mohammad Bin Salman, Bashar al-Assad and all other illegitimate leaders live in fear that the people will organize and assert their democratic rights. So they relentlessly suppress popular uprisings, demonstrations, freedom of speech and the press and, worst of all, murder opponents. All of them run their nations like mafia bosses and kleptocrats, putting cronyism ahead of national interests, getting rich while their nations sink deeper into poverty.

Many of these dictators support the re-election of Trump. The American president has done more in four years to undermine U.S. democracy and damage the country’s image abroad than perhaps any president in history.

“Of all the Kremlin talking points these guys have recycled, I didn’t think I’d ever see this one picked up. I was wrong,” tweeted Michael Carpenter, senior director of the Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement at the University of Pennsylvania and a former U.S. assistant defense secretary who knows Eastern Europe and Russia well.

An example of the type of people spouting this nonsense: Former Trump speechwriter Darren Beattie, fired after CNN revealed his ties to white nationalists, went on Fox News to accuse the U.S. “deep state” national security apparatus of overthrowing regimes it opposed in Eastern Europe, presumably including Ukraine. Having lived through both Ukrainian revolutions, we know better: These were genuinely popular uprisings, the first against a rigged presidential election and the second against an attempt to turn away from the European Union by Kremlin-backed kleptocrat Viktor Yanukovych. The revolutions had support from the West because standing up for Ukrainian democratic aspirations is the right moral stance.

It’s no mystery why dictators and autocrats want Trump to remain in the White House. He excuses their human rights abuses, cheers them on in their suppression and murder of journalists and loves corruption — as long as the Trump family shares in the spoils.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Sept. 21 publicly endorsed Trump, accusing Democrats of “moral imperialism.” Actually, he’s accusing them of standing up against autocrats like him, which the world should do.

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  • ‘The Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement’. Ha ha! The Biden centre for setting up lucrative, corrupt side deals for skanky Biden offspring would be more appropriate, given those shady deals with the chicoms and Burisma, which US media still insist is a Ukrainian company despite being owned by a Yanuk/Putler crony and registered in Limassolgrad, Cyprussia.
    I will repeat an edited version of an earlier comment I made to RSM:
    ‘The KP has just done an incredibly stupid thing. They have published a trenchant, hostile anti-Trump editorial piece which clearly puts them in the Biden camp. It is quite possible that one of Trump’s many anti-Ukraine friends will draw his attention to it. He will fly into a rage. He never forgets his enemies and this will consolidate his already negative feelings towards Ukraine. This is an unforgivable faux pas by a newspaper that should have been completely neutral. The damage is already done now, but the KP really should pull the article or at least apologise and say it was an error by one of the subs and should have been clearly marked as an opinion piece that does not reflect the views of the editorial team. Then they need to publish an article of equal prominence that promotes the opposite position. What fools they are!
    It is quite likely that Trump will win, given the the contender has always been of very low wattage and is now struggling with issues related to aging. Now his VP has come out in support of violent protest, describing it as ‘necessary’ and is openly supportive of racist, Marxist street trash such as antifa/blm, a good many sensible people considering voting Democrat might start to have second thoughts.

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    • Don’t forget the Kyiv Post is owned by an Iranian.

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      • It’s owned by a (claimed) anti-Assad Syrian. If he was pro-putler, he would surely be pushing his editorial team to do pro-Trump editorials? The editor is a probable Democrat and I think that’s where the problem lies.

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        • Not sure which party Brian Bonner follows, but this article must have gone through him.

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          • From past articles I’d say he was a Democrat, which is of course his right. But who knows what damage he might have caused with this article?
            From listening to his podcasts, I’m pretty sure that Brian Whitmore, one of Ukraine and Georgia’s greatest friends in the US, is a Dem. But he’s far too smart to indulge in party politics when he’s involved in Geo-political discourse.
            Btw, his FB page has a ‘stand by’ alert, implying that his power vertical articles and podcasts may be about to recommence. Hope so anyway.

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    • This crap is full of projection right from the start. I haven’t heard about a colored revolution from anyone except the Kremlinals. Certainly not from Ukraine, Trump or Fox News. A REAL journalist would have provided proof, but in the case of propagandists like KP it’s not needed. KP has lost its way and will end up buried alongside 112 and ZIK…

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      • In order to repair the damage, an OpEd taking the opposite view needs to get published quickly.
        The Daily Telegraph in Britain continues to run pro-Biden pieces. There was another today. My response was zapped. This was it:-
        It looks like the DT is looking to get behind IRA Joe for some odd reason. Harris is fantastically described as ‘centrist’. Given that she has just endorsed violent protest as ‘essential and noble’, on top of her previously confirmed support for racist/Marxist street trash antifa/blm, that sounds a bit weird.
        Given that Biden and his controller; the anti-British hag Pelosi, have already made it clear that they will be factoring in the demands of their friends in IRA/Sinn Fein when it comes to trade negotiations with Britain, why would the DT want to have an extremist Dem government in power?

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      • Fox News did indeed publish a video with this Darren Beattie, who blathers about color revolutions. But, there is no evidence presented in the video, only assumptions. All-in-all, the interview is worth far less than the electrical power it takes to play the video.

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      • Several writers in the US have stated that what is now happening in the US is an attempted color revolution. That they aren’t calling it that is irrelevant. Several deep pocket billionaires, Soros and Steyer being two of them, have financed Antifa and Black Lives Matter insurrection in 48 of the 50 largest cities in the US.

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  • “It’s no mystery why dictators and autocrats want Trump to remain in the White House. He excuses their human rights abuses, cheers them on in their suppression and murder of journalists and loves corruption — as long as the Trump family shares in the spoils.”
    Unfortunately, this statement is at least partially true. The part about Trump cheering on dictators in their suppression and murder is a hair-raising lie.

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  • “The American president has done more in four years to undermine U.S. democracy and damage the country’s image abroad than perhaps any president in history.”

    The KP seems to have gone utterly never Trump. The people damaging US Democracy (which, by the way doesn’t exist as it is a constitutional republic, not a democracy), are known as Democrats. They’ll whine about Putin’s “interference” but will enlist him against Trump if they can. It’s also Democrats that are attacking Police and burning cities. When Trump is re-elected, they will have a full chimp out and try to go over to full insurrection to keep Trump from remaining President. Their covert attempt didn’t work, and open violence is all that’s left to them.

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