Six US F-16s join in protecting Bulgaria’s air space


Six US F-16 fighter jets are participating in a joint mission with Bulgarian Air Force MiG-29s to protect Bulgaria’s air space from September 26 until October 30, Bulgaria’s Defence Ministry said.

The F-16s are temporarily based at Graf Ignatiev Air Force Base, having arrived on September 18 and having taken part in the Thracian Cinderella 2020 exercise which ended on September 25.

The Bulgarian Air Force first participated in such a joint mission with its US counterparts in autumn 2016.

“Participation in such joint missions enhances the Air Force’s ability to ensure the inviolability of the Alliance’s protected air space,” the Defence Ministry said.

The joint protection of Bulgaria’s air space will be carried out within the framework of the Nato Integrated System for Air and Missile Defence.

“It is in the interest of ensuring the security of Nato allies and enhances their ability to interact in joint tasks. The reinforcement of the air space mission of the eastern flank member states will be carried out by allied forces on a rotating basis,” the Defence Ministry said.

Bulgarian Air Force pilots have begun training on F-16s after, in August 2019, Bulgaria’s Ministry of Defence transferred to the US the entire amount of $1.2 billion under international government procurement contracts to acquire eight F-16 Block 70 aircraft and related equipment and armaments.

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  1. Mike, Scradge, what’s wrong? Your responses are a bit of a surprise to me. Have I missed anything lately?
    Having said that, what is happening to Ukraine is no laughing matter, I’m afraid. We can let humor shine through once in a while and we do just that, but all-in-all, the country is still in the deep and dark woods. In particular now, with such a president as Zelensky.
    I’ve always understood being here with you guys as a serious matter. We want to give our support to the country. A very important aspect is to draw attention to those details that many others in the West gladly and blissfully ignore. This is no football game, or concert, or comedy show. We are here for a very clear purpose. Of course, we sound negative … when it calls for. What positive things are happening right now? I also can’t wait until things look cheerier. When the dwarf if finally dead and gone. When Ukraine has a president it deserves.
    We are still here! We are the survivors from the days of CNN, where I first got started and perhaps you all too. There were others too, who fought for Ukraine. But, time and several sites later, have left their scars and now they are almost all gone. Some are in UAWire. But, here, we are the core people, the fighters against tyranny and injustice and remain the stalwarts for a common interest; Ukraine.
    Please, stay here, you two. No problems are too difficult to mend, especially for true friends.

    • Why? When i say Crimea won’t come back i am a traitor. When i warn about Turkish influence i’m wrong. Then Scradje claims Denmark, Slovakia and Bulgaria are pro-RuSSia. Montenegro is a piss-ass country, and so on. Not to mention the ongoing Trump-bashing. When Suzanna was still alive, on our old site we had the fun of our lives. Now i only get attacked and become depressed when coming here. Of course Ukraine is fucked since Yulia and Poro left government, and it is so sad to see. But that’s not the reason. I’m trying to motivate people, showing Brazil, Denmark, Bulgaria, Slovakia, USA etc. support Ukraine. Then Scradje or others come and make everything downe. Some are no longer critical, they are paranoid! This is no way to deal with the situation. On Twitter i have senators, ambassadors and even Poroshenko as my followers. They read this here! We need to bring Ukraine and potential allies closer together and not the opposite. The alternatives to Scandinavia, Slovakia, Bulgaria and the US will be Turkey, the Arabs and China! Would you support Ukraine if you get constantly insulted? If i was the Bulgarian ambassador and would read Scradje’s comment i would scratch my head and feel insulted. They are Nato, Black Sea, Slavs. Ukraine needs them like she needs many others. I’ll have a few drinks now. Cheers!

      • I wish I had a dollar for every time that I was attacked – by Americans, French, Germans, Ruskies, Danes, Swedes, Italians, Turks, Brits … the list goes on.
        Anyway, I still hope that you guys would settle your differences.
        I must say at this point that it is impossible to satisfy everyone all the time. There is (almost) always a statement, belief, or comment that will anger the one or other person. I believe that in any type of discussion, it is essential to respect the opinions that others have and if you feel strongly enough about an issue to answer on the contrary (or if the topic is important enough) offering proof is the way to go. Or, just tell the other person your own opinion and be done with it. Attacking someone is a last and mostly futile option, especially if it’s full of hate and abusive language.
        You are NOT a traitor, Mike. I agree with you about the Turks, Muslims and much more. Yes, I’ve called Montenegro a piss-ant country but it concerned a certain topic. So what? I’ve also ranted against my very own country and government. So what? I’ve had a very close affiliation with Germany for many decades and now I call it Germanystan. So what? Russia was Russia under Gorbachev and now it is mafia land. So what? The UK was a better country under Thatcher and now it’s becoming a shithole. So what? Ukraine was better under Poroshenko and would be better under Yulia. But, now it’s got the asswipe Zelensky as a leader. The country is moving backward. It is becoming a Ruskie mini-me. So what? Those are my opinions and I will stand by them.
        I see us ALL as a team. Every one of us has an important function and brings important contributions. No one is here to satisfy everyone all the time. We can only satisfy some of the people some of the time. The question is, how satisfying is this struggle that we’re going through for us personally?

          • Or, we would be at our throats. No, seriously, I think that you are right again, Red. It is easy to be abusive or otherwise unpleasant in the anonymity of the i-net. Being together in person, we would be good friends, I’m sure – even Mike and scradge.

            • Yes, most of us are not wordsmithy enough to convey a point perfectly every time. It’s hard enough to be funny on the internet than to make complex points as we often do here. I kind of laugh too, because I agree with everyone here even more than I agree with my own brother. We have it pretty good here ;))

              • That’s true! I often see mistakes that I made and have to edit. Other times, I forgot an important point and sometimes I even don’t read an article and then make a remark about it that’s beside the point. 😀

            • You only have to look at the history of comments between him and me to see that I have always treated him with respect. I was never rude to him because he was in there from the start. I was polite. Only to get obnoxious shit back. The proof is there. So I won’t tolerate him any more. He says he has gone, but I doubt it as he always comes back. I don’t know him, have never met him and he might well be a nice guy, but on the keyboard he comes across as petty, vindictive and ignorant. I don’t tolerate Jew haters or Tatar haters because I have friends in both of those communities.
              As for you, redders and F1, you are all top guys. Maximum respect!

              • What happened between you two is very unfortunate. I will keep out of it. I’ve offered my two-cent’s worth. I hope that time will heal these wounds. I consider you and Mike top guys too, along with the others.

    • Hi facts. Red has a second site, which I am more than happy to comment on, since Mike does not use it. I have treated him respectfully over the years, despite his Jew-hating and frequent obnoxious comments to someone who is basically on the same side, but enough is enough.

      • More paranoid lies? Well, don’t worry, in a few hours i will delete my profile and all my comments and articles will be erased. I’m sorry for Focusser, who is a good gentle and warm person. Me and him achieved alot, and i won’t forget the great times. I’m still on Twitter. So it’s time i break the chains and return to chatting with my ukrainians instead of arrogant idiots like you! So, please stay here with your friends, they need your support. I’m ALL OUT! 😎

    • Well put Facts, very nice.
      We all have strong opinions and I think that’s one of the main reasons we are here. I disagree sometimes with both Mike and Scradge but I think if we keep it about Ukraine we will all be fine. After all, that’s why we’re here.
      It is easier to be negative than positive. None of our readers or posters should worry if they can say something about Turkey or Fox News and get cursed at for it. Hell, we’ll end up like RT if that happens. If we do disagree with something let’s just be polite, Ukraine needs our help and let’s not eat each other we’ve been through too much over the years.
      Speak and let speak ;))
      You are all heroes to me…

      • In 45 minutes i will be gone, maybe even this post. Your site will prosper. But i need my freedom back. I’m with real ukrainians, who neither hate RuSSia nor have any illusions about Crimea. Politicians and the media are one thing, real people are another. We can stay close via twitter. Anyway, i got KFC wings and beer and wish you all only the best!

      • Thanks, Red. You are so very right! No one should be afraid to voice his or her opinion. Otherwise, we’re no better than the Mordor we’ve all come here to fight.

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