Kharkiv crash eventually caused by engine failure


On the eve of the night in the Kharkov region of Ukraine there was a plane crash with the participation of an An-26 transport aircraft.

The incident claimed the lives of more than 20 people, there is information about the victims.

The incident was recorded closer to 21:00 Friday near the city of Chuguev. At the time of the accident there were 28 people on board, the majority of them were cadets of the KhNUVS, for whom the flight was a training one. Seven citizens are crew members.

Previously, the pilots lost control before landing, the ship crashed next to the road. Initially, there were 25 deaths reported, but the current governor of the region, Aleksey Kucher, clarified the information, reporting 22 victims. In addition, two more people were injured.

The possible cause of the incident is called the failure of the left engine, although it is possible that it was turned off for training purposes.

Currently, an investigation has been initiated into the incident with the participation of the local prosecutor’s office. In addition, a state commission has been created, which must sort out all the circumstances of the tragedy.

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  1. If the port engine was shut down for training purposes, it was a very foolish act. You don’t do engine out training with passengers aboard. You do the training without passengers so you know exactly what to do in the instance when lives, other than your own and the instructor, are relying on the skill of the pilot. More likely is the engine failed at a bad time in the approach. If the aircraft was turning at the time of the engine going down, they could have entered an accelerated stall (stall while turning) which is almost impossible to recover from in that flight regime.

    At this point any thoughts about the proximate cause of the accident is speculation. I don’t know how good the Ukrainian authorities are in such investigations.

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