Almost all high-rise buildings in Mariupol are equipped with home meters

In Mariupol, 100% of apartment buildings were equipped with water meters. Heat meters were installed in 99.5% of high-rise buildings. The director of the department of housing and communal services of the regional state administration Sergei Goncharenko announced this during the collegium of the Donetsk Regional State Administration.

In general, apartment buildings with centralized heat supply in the Donetsk region were equipped with general house metering devices at the level of 60.3%, with centralized water supply – 32.7%.

The Maryinsky district, Ugledarsky and Nikolaevsky city OTGs were provided with heat meters. In Mariupol, devices were installed in 99.5% of houses. More than 70% of high-rise buildings are provided with meters in Kramatorsk, Bakhmut city OTG and Ilyinovskaya rural OTG of Konstantinovskiy district.

More than 50% of houses were equipped in Dobropolye, Myrnohrad and Yasinovatsky district; more than 40% – in the cities of Druzhkovka, Pokrovsk and Slavyansk.

Less than 40% of the equipment was in Avdeevka, Konstantinovka, Selidovo, Toretsk, Bakhmutskiy, Volnovakhskiy, Slavyanskiy districts, Liman city OTG, Aleksandrovskaya village OTG of Aleksandrovskiy district and Soledar city OTG of Bakhmutskiy district.

The houses of Mariupol, Velikonovoselkovsky and Dobropolsky districts, Andreevskaya rural and Cherkasskaya village OTG of Slavyansky district, as well as Krivoy Rog and Shakhovskoy rural OTG of Dobropolsky district were fully equipped with water metering devices. More than 90% of the devices were installed in the Pokrovsky district, more than 60% in Kramatorsk and about 30% in the Bakhmut city OTG.

Avdeevka, Konstantinovka, Mirnograd, Novogrodovka, Pokrovsk, Selidovo, Toretsk, Volnovakhsky and Konstantinovsky districts, Limanskaya city OTG, Ilyinovskaya rural OTG of Konstantinovskiy district, Severskaya city OTG Bakhmutskiy district, Nikolaevskaya city OTG Slavyanskaya settlement district and Aleksandrovskaya district remain without water meters.

(c)MRPL 2020

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